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5 Body Detox Drinks: Easy Detox Drinks at Home

Body Detox Drinks

You might notice after some that you are not feeling well, or maybe you are having constant headaches, or you suffer from acne issues. All these conditions point to one thing and that is your body needs a detox. Our body is like a machine, once you use it too much then after some time it needs maintenance.

Similarly, our bodies need maintenance after some time. In our case, it’s called detox. Now if you are not familiar with this term then let me explain it to you. Body detox is a term that we use when our body needs to be cleansed from harmful toxins. With time your body gets filled with toxins that need to be flushed out.

There are some foods and drinks that can build up these toxins. Foods that are starchy or beverages like alcohol. All these types of foods and drinks can rise to toxic levels in your blood. Due to this, you can face many health issues. In most cases, these health issues lead to various chronic diseases.

In order to maintain your body and health. You should always detox your body every once in a while. The following are some of the most famous detox drinks that should be a part of your life and daily diet. They are easy to make and pack various other health benefits as well.

Detox Your Body By Consuming These Popular Healthy Drinks

Lemonade Drink

1. Lemonade Drink

You can guess from its name that lemonade drink is made from lemons, but that’s not it. In a lemonade drink, you have to mix a few other ingredients as well. Include black pepper and maple syrup in a glass of water and squeeze a few lemons in it. Drink it early morning or before your sleep. It’s better to use it in the morning. It will make you feel refreshed and healthy throughout the day.

The lemonade drink is a part of a diet called master cleanse. This diet is used for weight loss purposes but it does so by detoxifying your body. This way by using this drink you can have other benefits as well.

Ginger Tea

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time now. There are many supplements and other medicines that contain ginger. You might wonder how ginger can help in detox. Like I said before that ginger is not only famous because of its strong taste but also its health benefits.

People used to apply ginger on wounds to make them heal faster. Similarly, it can help in detoxification as well. You can mix a drop of Honey in a cup of ginger tea to have additional benefits. Honey can relax your muscles and brain. Mixing it with a cup of ginger tea will help in various other ways. Ginger tea has anti-oxidants that can also promote your heart health.

Green Tea

3. Green Tea

You will notice green tea to be everywhere. The reason is that it helps in improving your digestive issues and acts as a laxative. That can help in better stool movement. Just like ginger, green tea also contains anti-oxidant properties that can help in supporting your heart health. Green tea contains caffeine that can also help in weight loss.

Consuming green tea before sleep can help in clearing your digestive tract and detox your body. It will also help in the digestion of your food. It’s better to drink green tea without any sugar, and beneficial if you add a few drops of lemon to it.

Cucumber Mint Drink

4. Cucumber Mint Drink

If you are a vegan then you are going to love this drink. Cucumbers and mint are the only two vegetables that can provide a cooling effect on your body. They contain anti-oxidant properties and can reduce inflammation in your body.

Inflammation can cause many problems in your body. From acne to constipation, inflammation plays an important part in all these issues. You can make cucumber mint drinks in two different ways. Add cucumber, mint, and lemon and blend them, or you can add them into a jug of water and leave them overnight. These are the two ways in which you can drink cucumber mint drink.

Protein Coffee

5. Protein Coffee

You might wonder what is coffee doing in detox. If you think that coffee cannot detox your body then you are wrong. Studies have shown that people who consume Protein Coffee on a daily basis have better bowel movements and don’t face issues like constipation.

Caffeine in coffee acts as a mild laxative in your body and helps in improving your digestive system. You might have heard it first here, but coffee does flush your system. It can help you in getting rid of those harmful toxins in your body.


There are no side effects of these drinks apart from those that contain lemon. Excessive usage of lemons can be harmful to your health and kidney. So it’s better to use them in moderate quantities. Other than that there are no health issues that you can face by consuming these drinks. The following are some of the other health benefits that you can get from these drinks.

  • Improves Digestion
  • Better for heart health
  • Promotes oxidation in your body.
  • Prevents various chronic diseases
  • Helps with the Common cold or flu.

Although apart from detox, there are many benefits that you can get from these drinks. Obviously, I won’t be able to mention all of them here. But I would suggest you include any one of these drinks in your daily diet.


There are many benefits that you can get by consuming these drinks. The primary use of these drinks is to detox your body. I said it before and will say it again if you are ignoring the fact that detox is important for your body then it is going to cost you in the future. These toxins in your body can lead to various health issues. They can also affect your mood and daily work. So it’s better that you include any one of these drinks in your diet.

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