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Jack In the Box Menu (July 2024)

jack in the box menu

Jack in the Box is a popular American fast-food restaurant chain known for its wide range of menu items, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. From classic burgers and fries to unique tacos, salads, and breakfast items served all day, Jack in the Box offers a diverse selection to its customers. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Jack in the Box’s menu, including a detailed look at the different categories of food items available, along with a separate section detailing the menu prices.

Overview of Jack in the Box Menu

Jack in the Box’s menu can be broadly categorized into several sections: Burgers, Chicken, Breakfast, Tacos & Sides, Salads, Desserts, and Beverages. Each category features a variety of options, making the restaurant a versatile choice for different meals and cravings.

1. Burgers:

The burger selection at Jack in the Box includes classic options like the Jumbo Jack and the Ultimate Cheeseburger, along with innovative creations such as the Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack. These burgers are made with 100% beef patties and are served with fresh ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions on a buttery bakery bun.

2. Chicken:

The chicken menu features a range of items, including crispy chicken strips, grilled chicken sandwiches, and spicy chicken sandwiches. The Classic Popcorn Chicken and Jack’s Spicy Chicken are popular choices among customers looking for a flavorful meal.

3. Breakfast:

Jack in the Box serves breakfast all day, offering items such as the Supreme Croissant, loaded with your choice of sausage or bacon, egg, and cheese, and the Breakfast Jack, a simple yet satisfying sandwich. The menu also includes breakfast burritos and mini pancakes for a complete meal any time of the day.

4. Tacos & Sides:

The tacos at Jack in the Box are a unique offering, with options ranging from the classic crunchy taco to loaded tiny tacos. Sides include seasoned curly fries, onion rings, and stuffed jalapeños, providing the perfect complement to any meal.

5. Salads:

For those seeking a lighter option, Jack in the Box offers a selection of salads, including the Chicken Club Salad and the Southwest Chicken Salad, made with fresh greens, flavorful toppings, and a choice of dressings.

6. Desserts:

Desserts at Jack in the Box include the decadent Chocolate Overload Cake, New York Cheesecake, and churros, offering a sweet finish to any meal.

7. Beverages:

The beverage menu features a wide array of options, including soft drinks, iced teas, milkshakes, and premium coffee drinks to quench any thirst.

Menu Prices

The prices at Jack in the Box are competitive and offer good value for the quality and variety of the food served. Prices may vary by location, but the tables below provide a general guide to what you can expect to pay for different menu items.

jack in the box menu

Burger Prices

ItemPrice (Approx.)
Jumbo Jack$3.19
Ultimate Cheeseburger$4.69
Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack$5.29

Chicken Prices

ItemPrice (Approx.)
Crispy Chicken Strips (4 pc)$5.49
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$4.99
Jack’s Spicy Chicken$4.69

Breakfast Prices

ItemPrice (Approx.)
Supreme Croissant$3.29
Breakfast Jack$1.59
Loaded Breakfast Sandwich$3.69

Tacos & Sides Prices

ItemPrice (Approx.)
Two Tacos$0.99
Curly Fries (Medium)$2.29
Stuffed Jalapeños (3 pc)$2.69

Salad Prices

ItemPrice (Approx.)
Chicken Club Salad$5.99
Southwest Chicken Salad$5.99

Desserts & Beverages Prices

ItemPrice (Approx.)
Chocolate Overload Cake$2.29
Iced Coffee$2.19
Milkshake (Medium)$3.29

Jack in the Box Operating Hours

Jack in the Box is known not just for its diverse menu but also for its flexible operating hours, catering to early birds, night owls, and everyone in between. The chain’s commitment to serving customers at almost any hour of the day sets it apart in the fast-food industry. This article will delve into the typical operating hours of Jack in the Box restaurants, providing insights into when you can enjoy your favorite meals.

Overview of Operating Hours

Jack in the Box prides itself on being accessible to customers at virtually any time. While hours can vary slightly by location due to local regulations and business considerations, many of its restaurants operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This 24/7 operating schedule includes holidays for most locations, making Jack in the Box a reliable option for those late-night cravings or early morning breakfasts.

jack in the box breakfast menu

Breakfast Service

One of the unique features of Jack in the Box is its all-day breakfast menu. Unlike other fast-food chains that might limit breakfast hours to early morning, Jack in the Box ensures you can get breakfast items like the Extreme Sausage® Sandwich or Mini Pancakes any time you want, day or night.

Lunch and Dinner Hours

Lunch and dinner items are available all day, starting from the morning and continuing through the night. This means there’s no waiting for a specific time to order your favorite Jumbo Jack® Burger or Spicy Chicken Sandwich; you can satisfy your hunger whenever it strikes.

Late-Night Munchies

For those late-night cravings, Jack in the Box is a go-to spot for many. The late-night menu might feature exclusive items or combinations not available during the day, catering specifically to the after-hours crowd looking for something satisfying after a night out or during a late study session.

Holiday Hours

Jack in the Box’s holiday hours are notable for their consistency, with many locations remaining open on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. This makes it a convenient option for those needing a quick meal during the holiday rush or when other restaurants are closed.

Checking Local Restaurant Hours

Given the slight variations in operating hours from one location to another, it’s always a good idea to check the specific hours for your local Jack in the Box. This can be done through the Jack in the Box website, their mobile app, or by calling the restaurant directly. These resources will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on operating hours, holiday schedules, and any special hours for events or circumstances unique to your area.


Jack in the Box offers a vast menu that caters to a wide range of preferences and meal times, making it a versatile dining option. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty burger, a light salad, or a sweet treat, there’s something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jack in the Box open 24 hours?

Many locations are open 24/7, but hours can vary. Check your local restaurant for specifics.

Can I order breakfast at Jack in the Box at any time?

Yes, breakfast items are available all day.

Does Jack in the Box have a vegetarian menu?

There are vegetarian options available, including salads and sides. Availability may vary by location.

Can I customize my order at Jack in the Box?

Yes, Jack in the Box allows for the customization of most menu items.

Does Jack in the Box offer delivery?

Delivery is available through third-party apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub.

Are there any healthy options at Jack in the Box?

Yes, there are healthier options, such as salads and grilled chicken sandwiches.

Does Jack in the Box offer a mobile app for ordering?

A Jack in the Box mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Can I find nutritional information for Jack in the Box menu items?

Nutritional information is available on the Jack in the Box website and mobile app.

Does Jack in the Box have a rewards program?

Yes, Jack in the Box offers a rewards program through their mobile app, where customers can earn points and redeem rewards.

Are there any gluten-free options at Jack in the Box?

There are items that do not contain gluten ingredients, but cross-contamination may occur. It’s best to consult the nutritional information or contact the restaurant directly for specific dietary needs.

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