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Top 7 Birthday Celebration Ideas during Quarantine

by Snehal Tanwar

Gone now are the days where you can consult a party-planner or any event manager to celebrate your kid’s special day. Just because you are inside your elaborate escape-room, it does not mean you can skip on planning over the extravagant birthdays this year! Irrespective of your desire for preparing your little one’s birthday or enjoy watching your kid light-up with glee, the burden of being the ‘merry-maker’ lies entirely on your shoulders. There is no requirement of too much expense to witness the celebration unfold. Read below the seven birthday celebration ideas that you can explore to make the day a fun-filled one while staying indoors.

How about a themed birthday party of your loved ones’ favourite marvel comic character? Or a color-coded birthday party! Well! That sounds interesting. And why not? It is THE DAY for these adorable ones. Let your loved one plan for their day themselves. It is a matter of pride for them. They have the freedom to execute their pre-planned party notions. Guide them by putting their fan-favorites in the bowl. They can cherry-pick some and extend their planning session. Being inside the four-walls, you should give importance to ‘togetherness’ by indulging in family activities, like baking cookies or cake, watching their favourite flick, reading books, or snuggling on the couch!

  • Prepare Lip Smacking Meals

It is good to plan your birthday baby’s meal. Ask them their favourite and try to cater to their taste. Skip-out the daily ones, and relish the entire day indulging in their most-liked food (sometimes junk too!). Make a check-list of their most-preferred breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Start your day with hot waffles and whipped cream or ice-cream along with some colorful sprinkles. Try being innovative during lunch-time and spoil yourself with a ‘snack-lunch’! And turn your dinner menu with a ‘make-your-own-pizza.’ If it is your beau’s birthday, commemorate the moments by throwing a killer-party at home with Andre Champagne. Let the unparalleled smoothness soak-in well on their special day.

  • Host a virtual party

Owing to social distancing, physically attending any birthday party is not possible. But you can make the day more happening by incorporating a virtual house party. With the blessing of various apps online, you can invite your birthday baby’s friends and close-knit ones. It will substitute the sense of going out and having a great time with their mates.

  • Bake the birthday cake together

Quarantine birthdays will not have the luxury of a store-purchased designer or a customized cake. But you can always create the same while staying indoors. Turn your kid’s birthday into a bakery and start with your culinary skills. Let your kiddo pick every ingredient and start making their birthday cake! For instance, a chocolate sheet cake with blue-pink icing and rainbow made from marshmallow stands as a good idea. So this year is the right opportunity for you to create one in your kitchen.

  • Beautify your indoors

Your stationery drawer surely is having some bits of streamers, glitter papers, extra satin ribbons, construction colored-papers, tassels, and markers. Gather all and pet everything at work. Give your old-school memories a shot and start decorating the house of your kiddo’s preference. Blow balloons, hang the streamers from door and window panes, and twist-n-stir the ribbons from all the main light fittings. Try transforming your living space into a kid’s wonderland. Do this entire birthday decoration along with your birthday kid. It will make them feel unique and quite important.

  • Go for digital gifts

Sending gifts to your loved ones has become a bit problematic, owing to the pandemic lock-down. But no worries! With the advent of modern technology, life has turned out to be a lot simpler and more manageable. Sending digital gifts acts as a great idea, and your loved one will surely admire the same. Sitting inside your house, you can order e-books, gift cards, iTunes gifts, and a lot more.

Moreover, to turn the same into a more personalized one by gifting ‘happy birthday’ tunes. When you log-in for these digital services, the site arranges for a video call, where the guitarist plays the birthday kid’s favourite number. These out-of-the-box birthday gifting ideas will touch them special ones for definite reasons. Add birthday pranks to the unconventional way of celebrating a birthday but it will surely leave everyone with burst of laughters.

  • Make DIY birthday cards

Do-it-yourself birthday cards and gifts are yet another great idea to make your kid’s day extra special. Sit inside your study and take-out whatever you have in your secret stash. Then tap your grey cells to come up with some innovative birthday card notions. And if that seems too difficult, then the DIY videos stand as a great savior! Watch a few and cherry-pick the ones suiting your taste and, of course, the material available at home! Then create something beautiful with your old craft items. These DIY gifts and cards crafted with love and affection will certainly make your loved one’s birthday extra-special while leaving an endless imprint in mind.


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Are you the one scratching your brains to come up with innovative birthday celebration ideas during these Quarantine days? You do not have to celebrate your loved one’s birthday by going out or partying with their close friends and relatives. Courtesy the innovative digital methods, and it is now possible for you to celebrate and make this significant milestone a memorable one. Transform these quarantine days into a more fun-filled one. Gift them the feeling of being on top of the world by following the seven birthday celebration ideas during these quarantine days. Mark your kid’s birthday a memorable one by pampering in all these fantastic party ideas.

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