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Unique Gifts for Anyone Who Loves To Bake

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Do you struggle to find great presents for the baker in your family? Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, you want to choose a meaningful gift, and that isn’t another cake pan that your loved one will simply toss into the back of a cabinet. Here are some unique gift ideas that are perfect for any baker.

Homemade Vanilla

Do you have loved ones that enjoy baking? If you do, consider making them some homemade vanilla. While the vanilla does need to sit for a few months before it’s ready to use, it takes only a few minutes to make. When purchasing vanilla beans, always go with grade B beans. They are cheaper and will make for better vanilla. Additionally, you can use either vodka or rum for the extract.

When ready to make the vanilla, gather glass jars to store it in and slice the vanilla beans lengthwise. You want to do a minimum of 2 vanilla beans for every cup of alcohol, but you can use as many as you’d like. Simply place the beans in the jar and pour in the alcohol of your choice. Store the jars in a dark, cool place for a couple of months, giving them a shake every so often.

If you want to make this present extra special, consider getting specialty labels made for the bottles. You can contact a bottle and labeling services company to help you design and print them.

Screen Printed Apron

Every baker needs a few aprons at their disposal. When creating an apron, choose a funny or sentimental picture to put on it. Perhaps use one that is of the two of you together or your loved one doing something silly. You can also add a phrase, such as World’s Best Baker or Baker Extraordinaire. Make sure that if you choose a colored apron, the color doesn’t clash too much with the picture you’re using. You want everything to be easy to read and see.

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