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Wonderful tandoori dishes prepared for you


Indian and Punjabi cuisines are popular all around the world. If you are looking for some delicious and tasty meals in Scandinavia that focus on these cuisines, keep reading! Not all Indian food is spicy, but it is all flavorful! The use of many different spices gives this cuisine its unique taste that keeps people coming back for more again and again.

Some of the most popular dishes in this cuisine include:

  • Chicken curry
  • Chicken tandoori
  • Garlic chicken
  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Butter chicken
  • Seekh kebab

It is amazing how popular these spice-filled dishes are in Scandinavian countries. More and more people are becoming familiar with this style of cuisine and seek it out wherever they are. If you want to enjoy a wonderful meal with food that is prepared with great care and attention, why not try out one of these wonderful restaurants?

Punjab Tandoori

The food at Punjab Tandoori is amazing and the atmosphere is very welcoming. If you are looking for some delicious food in Oslo, you have found your place. They offer take-out services as well as a full-service dining room. The menu is filled with traditional dishes like Seekh kebab and Chicken Tandoori. This spot is the perfect location to celebrate a birthday or other joyful event or to simply have a delicious meal with friends. The online menu provides information on all of the dishes and is a great way to familiarize yourself with Indian food before you venture out to the restaurant. Reservations for the restaurant can be made through the email address that is posted on their website. Enjoy!


Stockholm’s Shanti restaurant is a great treat for anyone who is looking to spice up their usual restaurant routine. There is a wide-ranging menu of main courses available, as well as drinks and desserts. Take a look at the website to learn more about this restaurant, its history, and the delicious food that they have on offer. You will love Shanti and return time and again!

Sahil Restaurant

Sahil Restaurant is a full-service spot that provides takeaway, dining, and catering services for its clientele. The menu is varied and includes many delicious dishes that are great for sharing. Anyone who is new to Pakistani food will enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and welcoming vibe. Reservations and orders can be made online, which also makes Sahil a more convenient option. Their private event capacity is for 65 people, making it a favorite for those planning corporate events. Anyone who wants to enjoy great food with friends and family will have a wonderful time at Sahil!

Find delicious Tandoori dishes in your area today!

These Tandoori and Indian dishes are a delight! Give your tastebuds a thrill today and enjoy a Tandoori dish today. Many Indian restaurants also provide private dining options that are perfect for private events. These spots are a wonderful place to get together with friends and family and catch up and spend some time together.

If you are new to these cuisines and aren’t sure what to expect, or even what to order, don’t worry. Tandoori food is delicious and your server will be more than happy to provide you with some suggestions if you are unsure. The restaurants outlined above are all beloved in their areas. They are unintimidating to those who are new to this style of cuisine, and the staff is happy to answer any questions that you may have. There’s no reason to hesitate when it comes to trying new foods and experiences, is there? Make plans to enjoy some Punjabi cuisine tonight!

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