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Where is Jason Worley Now? (February 2024)

Jason Worley

Jason failed to give protection to his two kids, who their mother stabbed. Brandi Worley – the ex-wife of Jason Worley, brutally killed her child Tyler (7 year old boy) and Charlee (3 year old girl). Brandi did it after the day when Jason filed for divorce.

As per the statement, Brandi engaged herself in an extramarital relationship with their neighbor. Jason knew it and collected evidence, so he filed for divorce, claiming his two kids stay with him.

But there was nothing else in these two kids’ luck. If you want to know more about Jason Worley, read the article below.

Who Is Jason Worley

Who Is Jason Worley

Jason Worley is a software engineer whose wife killed their child. Since Jason requested a divorce from Brandi, she killed her two children to take revenge.

The crime happened in 2016. Jason and Brandi’s two kids, Tyler(7 years) and Charlee (3 years) were wounded by a knife so many times that it resulted in the death of these innocent children. This scene probably was one of the most nonsensical and corrupted demonstrations of the year.

The reports and journal say that Jason caught Brandi in an extramarital affair with Jason’s neighbor. He couldn’t take more of this and requested a divorce.

The report says that a few days after this homicide, Jason asked for a divorce from his wife. He wanted to stop their seven years old relationship.

Jason also asked his wife to keep the child with him. But Brandi did not let it be. Brandi was repeatedly saying that ‘Now you can’t take my kids from me.

Furthermore, she decided to remove the existence of the kids. Brandi handled the situation this way. Brandi is now in 120 years of punishment for this murder, and Jason got settled in his way.

What Was Jason Worley Doing During The Murder

Jason Worley was sleeping in the basement when his wife killed these two babies. Jason couldn’t realize that there was anything wrong until he heard his mother in law scream out.

He went upstairs and saw his mother-in-law cry a lot and his wife sitting beside the lifeless bodies of the children. Jason asked Brandi about this mishap, and Brandi said, ‘ Now you can’t take my children from me.

Brandi also had so many wounds on her neck that she wanted to kill herself with her children. But her injuries were not so fatal as she recovered very soon.

Jason Worley Doing

Jason Worley Raised Fund For Children’s Funeral

At that time, Jason never had a compensable loss- the unfaithfulness of his partner and the death of two beloved kids at their mother’s hand. It was so shocking for the country and the Worley family too.

At that time, his employer Brian Bewley and famous YouTuber Philip DeFranco forwarded their hands. In a report, Brian said numerous people had approached him to help Jason. So, they opt for the GoFundMe campaign.

The famous YouTuber helped to promote the campaign as much as he could and also begged for prayers from the people who knew about the painful incident. In an interview, Jason mentioned that his two kids were fans of Philip DeFranco’s video content.

Within a few hours, their fund was doubled. As per the report, the fund reached $56,045, and this fund is now not accepting donations. Donations may not be a way to grieve the loss of Jason. But Jason used it to make funerals and other expenses related to that incident.

Where Is Jason Now

Jason Worley is that unfortunate father whose wife killed their child.  After that, he took to Reddit and discussed the extramarital affairs of his wife Brandi with his neighbor, and he had proof of it.

Jason had pictures of this relationship, and Brandi admitted each photograph. Jason still requested his wife to remain for the sake of their kids. But everything changed when Brandi was desperate about her extramarital affair.

Jason filed a divorce case against Brandi and wanted to take over their child. Brandi disagreed with it, and she removed the existence of her two kids.

After the incident and Brandi received 120 years of Imprisonment, Jason moved with a model and family in private. He never wanted to be in the limelight again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jason married?

Jason Worley has ended their seven years of relationship with Brandi Worley since Brandi killed their two kids, Tyler and Charlee.

Where is Jason now?

Jason is now married to another model. He has kept his family details private. He also claimed that he would not be on the account and would not see killer Brandi again.

Is Jason Worley still alive?

Yes, Jason is still alive, and he stays with his new family. Since Brandi killed her two kids, she also wanted to kill herself. But her wounds were not so fatal. She is now in prison in Indiana.


The whole incident of these two innocent kids’ deaths is shocking. No doubt it left a longer impression on everyone’s mind. There are so many cases of abusive parentship, and no one can match the occurrence.

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