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6 Heart Failure Warnings You Shouldn’t Ignore

by Snehal Tanwar
Heart Failure

If records are to be checked, heart failure has become a global health syndrome in the past few years and is on the rapid increase with each passing year. About 30% of the population is diagnosed with heart failure and the ratio is likely to go up. Many times people ignore the alarming signs of heart failure which becomes a life-threatening cause for some and results in the death of a person. There are various factors that can lead to heart failure and it may hit anyone irrespective of age and gender.

An increase in the percentage of death rates due to heart failure has been recorded in the past years. Negligence towards the signs and symptoms of heart failure by patients makes the condition worse. Most people mix symptoms of heart failure with the signs of ageing and do not pay attention to it.

A major misconception prevails in most of the minds that heart failure and heart attack are the same. When the heart is unable to pump a sufficient amount of blood to the body, it results in disruption of other functions of the body which causes heart failure. It is a chronic health condition experienced by a patient. When blood pumped is not sufficient to meet the body’s requirement for blood and oxygen to function properly is a clear indication of heart failure. The heart sometimes starts to speed up to compensate for its reduced ability to pump blood around the body. It becomes difficult for a person to live a happy and active life while experiencing a chronic health condition like heart failure. Symptoms and treatment for heart failure differ from person to person. If one is experiencing acute heart failure its symptoms may appear and vanish suddenly. If the condition is chronic and more serious, symptoms of heart failure remain constant and do not go away with time. To keep symptoms of heart failure in check, it is advised to get yourself diagnosed and seek medical help immediately without any negligence.

Here is a list of some warning signs of heart failure that you should not ignore:

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Identifying the important warning signs of heart failure is a must to keep symptoms in check and prevent heart failure from getting worse. TOI beat heart failure took the initiative to make the audience aware of a chronic condition of heart failure and designed Heart Failure Symptoms Checker that will help you to evaluate the potential signs and symptoms of heart failure. Have a look at some major heart failure warning signs that need immediate medical attention.

  1. Shortness or Inability to breathe properly

If you are experiencing shortness of breath or not able to breathe properly, it’s a red flag and a warning sign of heart failure that you should not ignore. It is the first sign that indicates a serious condition of heart failure.

If you are suffering from heart failure, it will gather the fluid present in the body into the lungs which results in shortness of breath and make it difficult for you to breathe properly. Daily activities like walking or climbing stairs seem to be a tremendous task for you as you may experience shortness of breath while accomplishing the same.

If you experience shortness of breath while simply lying on the bed it even indicates a warning sign that one must not ignore. If you are experiencing shortness of breath while lying down you can sleep with multiple pillows to ease the condition.

  1. Feel tired quite easily

Getting tired easily? If yes, do not neglect it by considering it as just a sign of daily routine. Tiredness is one of the heart failure warning signs which needs immediate attention. A person who is suffering from heart failure gets tired easily as it makes body cells deprived of sufficient oxygen-rich blood resulting in making a person feel tired quite easily. As your muscles and tissues need oxygen for energy, people suffering from heart failure experience intense tiredness.

  1. Swollen ankles, legs & abdomen

Swollen ankles are not always the reason to rejoice and celebrate as it may not be good news. It can even indicate a heart failure warning that you should not ignore. The fluid present in your body starts assembling in legs, ankles or abdomen which causes swelling and clothes or shoes start feeling tighter due to swelling.

  1. Loss of appetite
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If you are experiencing loss of appetite it’s not always a sign of disturbance in the digestive tract. It may simply be a warning sign of heart failure. If a person is suffering from heart failure, fluid will build up around the gut and affect the digestion of a person and may even cause loss of appetite. It may even make you sick when you are eating.

  1. Gain in weight

A rapid increase in weight or sudden weight gains in a week or two is an alarming sign of heart failure that one must not neglect. When heart failure symptoms get severe and heart failure starts getting intense, it may lead to an increase in weight with an approx of 3 kilograms within a week due to fluid build-up in the body due to heart failure. One should not ignore weight gain as it may indicate a severe condition.

  1. Reduce in the frequency of urination

When one is experiencing heart failure decrease in the frequency of urination is likely to occur. If you are experiencing a change in the frequency of urination, It is an alarming sign you should not ignore.

Due to heart failure, the amount of blood that reaches the kidney gets reduced which results in reducing the frequency of urination or you urinate less frequently because of it. If your heart failure symptoms are diagnosed and you take diuretics (eg. water pills), it will result in frequent urination as the excess fluid in your body will get eliminated. These are some of the warning signs of heart failure one must not ignore and seek medical help immediately. Join hands to beat global health syndrome and reduce the percentage of death rates that are increasing every year.

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