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CBD can make your Brain “Feel Good”

by sambit
cbd oil for mental health

Shop CBD oil to help maintain brain health and create resilience to trauma and degeneration. New research suggests that cannabinoid (CBD) is neuroprotective and has properties which help maintain and regulate brain health. It states that CBD effects appear to be related to several actions they have on the brain and its functioning, including the removal of damaged cells and improved efficiency of mitochondria. So let’s see how CBD works its magic on the brain and how you, as a user, can benefit from it.


What Is CBD?

It is important to know what CBD is and where it comes from, to understand the medical benefits, it provides. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an all-natural plant-derived substance that contains phytochemicals called cannabinoids. The same chemical is also produced in our bodies when we feel secure, relaxed or simply, happy. Since it is created when our body is feeling at ease, it is also called the “feel good” molecules. These “feel good” cannabinoids get released in our bodies, when we exercise and sleep well. They bind to the cannabinoid receptors present in our body and stimulate the responses which make us feel good. The main cannabinoid molecule, anandamide was discovered in 1992 and means “bliss molecule” in Sanskrit.

It helps keep the body in balance. If the body is provided with an external source of the “bliss molecule”, then the breakdown of anandamide will slow down or stop resulting in a blissful state where the vital functions of the body will continue at its normal pace. This will ensure our intestines and stomachs run well, the inflammation in the body is down and will keep the brain in a good state.

How is it extracted and is it going to make me high?

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance found in the cannabis plant, which includes marijuana and hemp. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the one responsible for the “high” people associate cannabis with. CBD is an isolated substance and has no traces of THC, thus, making it free of any psychoactive effects. Another thing is that hemp contains fewer amounts of THC as compared to marijuana, which is why most of the CBD is extracted from hemp plants. The CBD industry is creating better hemp plants which have really low levels of THC to create a go-to source for extracting CBD, which is in high demand, due to the vast range of products it is being used in.

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The extraction process is necessary because, in plant form, best CBD oil doesn’t actually get utilized by the end customer if it’s taken in the form of weed. It is only by the extraction of phytocompounds occurring in the plant can CBD be beneficial. Once extracted, it can easily be used in various products like medicines or as supplements.

CBD and your Mental Health

For a long time now, the WHO’s (World Health Organization) committee on drug dependence has been providing research and information on how CBD may benefit in the well being of the human brain. Research studies on animals as well as humans.

CBD may help in the process of mitigating relieve autism symptoms, the feeling of isolation and may help mitigate Post-traumatic Stress disorder effects. The results also favor CBD to support the hippocampus and calm the brain. Other researches also show that CBD could very well reduce social anxiety in a way comparable to the drugs available in the market, which also have a lot of side effects. A study in 2012, evaluated CBD benefits for psychosis. The study was done on 40 volunteers patients who were given either an antipsychotic drug or CBD. Both treatments helped patient symptoms equally, but the group taking CBD enjoyed very few side effects including no movement problems, hormonal dysregulation, and weight gain.

Benefits of CBD for your Brain

1. Healthy and Active Brain Cells

As age progresses, learning difficulties become common. For most of us, cognitive decline naturally is a gradual and slow process, but for some, it can be very dramatic. Approximately, fifty million people live with dementia all around the world and if we look at the studies, it is going to triple by 2050. CBD is a key component in slowing down the cognitive decline and providing relief to patients already suffering from dementia. The age-related cognitive decline is partly owing to neurogenesis and neuroplasty decrease, in the aging brain. The ability of the brain to recognize and change is known as Neuroplasticity. It is a process in which learning takes place. The process of neurogenesis results in the generation of novel brain cells. Studies suggest that CBD can increase neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, helping in difficulties related to memory and the generation of novel brain cells.

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cbd oil for brain health

2. CBD can Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is something that is necessary for an individual’s survival but an overactive inflammatory response isn’t a good thing at all. Research has linked inflammation to a range of issues from anxiety, depression to fatigue and even brain fog. Recent studies reveal that CBD slows down a body’s overactive inflammatory response and reduce neuroinflammation. A study conducted on mice showed the CBD even reduced neuroinflammation following a stroke. Inflammation is one of the reasons for many neurological conditions and CBD can help alleviate many such conditions.

3. CBD can protect against the effects of Oxidative Damage

The age-related decline in the human body is due to the oxidative damage. It’s been proved that it is caused because of free radicals. Free radicals are natural consequences of our daily life activities like eating, breathing, and sleeping, etc. The production of free radicals increases with a lot of exposure to pollution, stress, poor diet, and many other factors. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from causing damage but as the age progresses, the free radicals increase in the body with the decrease of antioxidants.

CBD has antioxidant abilities as researches have shown that CBD’s neuroprotective antioxidant capacity can be compared to those of vitamins E and C and thus, you ought to buy CBD oil immediately.

4. CBD increases the level of Neurotransmitters:

Neurotransmitters play an important role, that of chemical messengers, which our brain cells communicate with. The information is moved throughout your body and brain, by the neurotransmitters that relay signal between nerve cells. They also affect our mood, sleep, and concentration. If there is an imbalance in neurotransmitters, it can result in adverse symptoms. Neurotoxins, stress, and poor diet, and even certain drugs can lead to neurotransmitter levels to exceed the desired range. In recent studies done on animals, CBD increases levels of glutamate and neurotransmitters serotonin in them. This helps us understand that CBD can play a major role in giving relief for patients suffering from mental as well as aid in memory and learning.

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5. Neurological Health Supplement

We have already seen CBD supplements owe a significant part of its popularity to its benevolent effects of neurological health. It is being used around the globe to help deal with the issues of depression, anxiety brain fog, migraines, etc. Researches and studies are proving it to be a vital component for neurological health. Although there is a lot of research data available, more human trials are needed to strengthen these claims. The impact of CBD on different people will vary according to their condition and thus, in this early phase, it’s difficult to make concrete claims.

The Bottom-line

CBD oil has hit the market like wildfire, but in order to know its true potential, we may have to wait a little more. So many claims have been made, but the research has just started. CBD does have promising results, but before everything else, the governments need to make a law, regarding the use and quality of the product. A lot depends on the research too, but one thing is clear: CBD has the potential to make the brain “feel good”.

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