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2 Important Benefits of Dental Implants

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Your teeth have important functions for your health and well-being. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with decaying teeth will tell you to always take good care of your teeth and don’t take them for granted. Dental work is not cheap, but it is extremely important. In some cases, teeth don’t grow in or they fall out, or they just need to be removed. What’s left is a missing tooth. Here are some reasons why an implant is a good option for replacing that missing tooth.

1. Look and Feel Genuine

If you want to have the confidence of a person with a full, bright and healthy smile, then look for an implant dentistry Plainview, or in your local area. Implants, when compared with other tooth fillers, look the most like a regular tooth. They also feel the same way and work just like a normal tooth. This is the most natural replacement option for people that need to have a missing tooth replaced with something. Having holes in your smile is not a good thing. This can not only cheapen your appearance, but can also make it difficult to get hired and find a partner.

2. Natural Bone Structure and Coloration

The bone structure in the face is often overlooked when considering an implant. Implants attach to the jaw and cause little bone distortion. Your facial features should remain as they used to be. Your dentist will recommend a regimen for brushing and cleaning your teeth. Your implant requires the same sort of maintenance as regular teeth; just good brushing on the front and back of the tooth as well as the gum it resides on. Sometimes implants aren’t properly maintained and this can cause the gum and tissue to discolor and darken compared to the gums of the real teeth around it. To keep all teeth and gums matching like a natural, healthy mouth, be sure to thoroughly clean the implant and ask your dentist questions if you think the gum is getting discolored.

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