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Five Things To do when Pregnant for the First Time

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You will never see someone as cautious and determined to do things the “right way” as first-time pregnant parents. It is heartwarming to see the kind of love and adoration they have for someone they have yet to meet. Every pregnancy brings many emotions, challenges, and memorable moments, but being pregnant for the first time can be somewhat intimidating for new parents, especially the mother.

Anticipation, fear, excitement, and love make up quite the concoction in a body pumped with hormonal surges.

It makes it understandable why a mother wants to be in control of every aspect of the pregnancy to ensure the safe arrival of her little one. This article provides tips to help you embark on the journey of motherhood in a safe, healthy way.

Here are a few tips

Things to do When Pregnant for the First Time

Think Everything Through

As a first-time mom, there will be many things that you will probably be looking into once you start preparing for the months to come. The things to consider include looking for the best maternity centers in your area, an experienced midwife, and birth plan options. It will be best to take your time to gather information before deciding to avoid doubts or uncertainty near the end.

However careful one can be, the practical approach is to consider the critical situations that might occur during pregnancy or after giving birth. Medical practitioners are qualified and experienced, but they are also human and can make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can result in premature birth, postpartum issues, or even stillbirth.

It is wise to be prepared to deal with such challenges. As it is your first time, several organizations provide support and guidance in this regard. They assist you in taking the right action for your specific circumstances. You can find reliable ones online, like childbirthinjuries.com, which can provide you with legal suggestions and ensure that you get compensation for your distress.

Go for Regular Checkups

Prenatal checkups are crucial throughout the pregnancy. Going to doctor appointments regularly helps monitor the growth and development of the baby. Your doctor will perform a physical examination and urine and blood tests during the visit. These tests keep a check on the fetus and whether your body is able to provide it with everything it needs.

Missing appointments or completely avoiding them might have adverse effects. If the baby’s growth and health are unchecked, a complication might occur during labor, or the baby born might be underweight. Getting appropriate prenatal care will identify any complication beforehand, and you and your doctor will be able to deal with it timely without negatively affecting the health of your baby or yourself.

Do Kegels

Consider Kegel exercises your best friend throughout and after the pregnancy. But what are they exactly? Kegels are a range of exercises that helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, small intestine, gall bladder, and rectum.

Regular Kegel exercises tone up your pelvic floor muscles and help you control them, which is very useful when you are in the second phase of labor, where you have to push. The muscles are stronger and more flexible, which can decrease your chances of getting an episiotomy because no one wants those!

Pregnancy-related constipation and bowel issues are other good reasons to stick to this exercise, as it helps regulate bowel movements and prevents possible hemorrhoids.

They are very beneficial during your postpartum period as they can help you overcome the physical challenges you face after giving birth. After birth, pelvic muscles might take some time to regain their elasticity, and the loose muscles can make it difficult to hold in urine and might even cause leak accidents when you cough, sneeze or pick up something heavy. It is all very common and natural as you have created life; however, sticking to Kegel exercises will help maintain muscle elasticity and avoid such issues.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects & Reduce Stress

A woman shows great determination and bravery when she decides to conceive. Motherhood symbolizes courage and strength but also makes a mother fragile and prone to injuries.

When you are pregnant, the hormones cause major changes in your body alignment to accommodate the growing baby. The changes in the structure also make you susceptible to sustaining musculoskeletal injuries. The growing belly can cause a shift in your center of gravity to some extent, which makes it risky to carry heavy things as you can easily get thrown off balance, causing falls, injuries, or dangerous accidents.

Also, lifting heavy things or standing for long periods causes stress and can lead to miscarriages and premature labor. So remember it as a rule of thumb, if it is heavier than a baby, it is way too heavy for you. It is why you must avoid strenuous tasks around the house. Let your partner take up some of your responsibilities or hire help. You are already doing enough by growing a baby 24/7.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You might crave a chocolate cake for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and ice cream with skittle toppings for dinner. It’s okay to give in to those cravings, but you must ensure that your overall diet includes foods rich in iron, calcium, Vitamin B folate, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

The food you eat influences your baby’s health and well-being. The effects can last well into the primary growing years of the child’s life. So even though eating whatever your body wants is okay, you must balance it by eating nutrient-dense foods for yourself and your baby.

Be sure to add fruits and vegetables to your diet for sufficient fiber and vitamins. Source your protein requirements from lean meat, poultry, or fish. Your pregnancy brain might even come up with exotic recipes to incorporate these ingredients uniquely; maybe that is how pineapple on pizza happened!

Take Away

Motherhood brings a lot of emotions, cherished moments, and love with it. Everybody deserves to enjoy this beautiful phase of life to the fullest. To ensure this, you must take all the necessary preventive measures to avoid unwanted complications or obstacles in your parental journey.

You can certainly be ready for the highs and lows of pregnancy and motherhood by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and weighing all possible birth options and postpartum complications.

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