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How to become a Yoga instructor: step by step guide

by sambit
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Let me start like this: how much gravity does this profession have in today’s world and why you should invest your two minutes to study my article? Well just a trivia for your knowledge, many universities have yoga as their subject in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The Government of India has promoted Yoga lately and people internationally have accepted the benefits of yoga and is opting this a fitness mantra!

Now let me make you understand where lies the demand for this job and why should one opt for a Yoga instructor?

Planning to join Yoga classes? What do you check first? Oh yes obviously the Yoga Teacher Training class, environment, facilities like WiFi, AC, I and all. But what you really miss is your instructor!! You are joining a coaching institute just because it gives you good Wi-Fi speed or AC or do you look for who is your teacher? Definitely, Yoga instructor should be your first priority. And since people know the worth of a Yoga instructor the demand for an instructor in this field is increasing.

Yoga is a sought after fitness regime by the people nowadays! It is the most cost-effective and very efficient way to reduce different ailments. But it is not a child’s play to master the technique of the yoga posture or which yoga is beneficial for which ailment and how should one do yoga according to the body type. A trainer comes into action at this time. To become a yoga instructor is something very demanding with respect to fitness, understanding and of course experience. If one doesn’t find a good instructor he might end up with some other acute problem! So a yoga instructor is important as a teacher Tina student.

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But is it very easy to become a yoga instructor by studying theories and practising a few postures? No, it is not. A Yoga instructor is an experienced professional with high knowledge of the same. So how to become a Yoga instructor? Well, additional information before starting the step by step guide is, nowadays this profession is taking baby steps towards a sought after profession and ha shot high demand in urban society. We see the celebrities promoting Yoga, practising with their instructors. We see so many video posts where an instructor is mentoring students of various age groups.

Now the question is how to become a yoga instructor?

Now the question is how to become a yoga instructor?

First thing first, one can get professional training from different institutions or one can start with their own experience. In the latter case, the person needs to have a very strong hold on the basics and advanced techniques because without any certificate it is his action which will prove his credibility. But that doesn’t mean that a certificate will get you away with anything! One needs to prove his worth definitely but with a certificate, it becomes easy to convince people because documents speak a lot! Places like Haridwar and Rishikesh has got nationally acclaimed institutes which attracts foreign students from various countries. But most of the megacities have their training institutes which one can easily search. But repeating the same thing I must say, there is no replacement of self-study and hard work. There are many instructors who have learned by self-practice and is doing really good.

Second is which should actually be the first one, one needs to have a passion for the same. Without the zeal of doing anything wholeheartedly, I’d one just do the work just to survive, eventually, it would be a big failure. So if one has a knack of doing yoga and is intended to learn more, one can definitely succeed with the profession.

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Thirdly, a healthy and fit body is required. An instructor should himself be fit enough to influence the students visually so that they can be inspired by their fitness. If the instructor is not fit and is stumbling upon the postures, definitely it will project the instructions in a bad light. An instructor should be able to perform the yoga postures easily in front of the students.

Fourthly the yoga instructor should be aware of the fact that not everyone has the same body type and that everybody requires fitness regime accordingly. So he must be aware of the fact that a patient with a problem of high blood pressure and teeth problem should be refrained from practising Shirshasan as this will have a negative effect on the body.

Fifthly, as every teacher is asked for, he must know the subject thoroughly so that the students get an encyclopaedia in front of them and not just a mere mugged up lesson. Nowadays with the boom of the internet, no information is untouched but a teacher cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. So an instructor plays the role of the teacher.

Sixthly, and lastly, according to my opinion, an instructor should be professional by nature and should make the students realise that Yoga is not just only some postures to be copied as shown in some manual or book but it is something that has got immense health benefits. And if one is amateur then that authority and seriousness might not be reflected in the training and hence people complain that they are visiting the Yoga classes but with no effect! An instructor is half responsible for the cure of any ailments that I believe.

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So, in a nutshell, you can opt this as your career option but you need to know the technicalities so well because this is about someone’s health and body you are dealing with. Nowadays everyone is running for a healthy and cancer-free life and is taking out time even from their busy schedule to start healthy. They are giving money and also trusting the instructions. So not only the money but even because of the trust, an instructor should be well versed with the concept of Yoga. So it is not only a job but also a responsibility which requires full focus and concentration.

Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done 300 hour yoga teacher training. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his website.

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