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Facts About Injection Molding

injection molding

Do you know how most of the items you use are made? Most people don’t. The number of small, intricately designed, quickly processed items society uses requires technical and manufacturing technology that allows this to be done well and in mass. The industry responsible for providing many of the items or parts of important items to you is injection molding.

The Real Facts About Injection Molding

What It Is

Injection molding is exactly what it sounds like it is: a mold is made and an injection of hot, melted material is placed into the mold to create a specific item, part, or product. This simple concept is a critical part of manufacturing.

Where It Is Used

Injection molding is used to create many of the products you need and want. The packaging, containers, and even bottle caps that are a staple in most lives are the product of injection molding. The mold engineering that makes these items possible is critical to manufacturing a large number of items in several industries.

Industries from agriculture to electronics to automotive and pharmaceuticals, many industries that are central to American and global life rely on injection molding. For example, the automotive industry uses injection molding not just for the manufacturing of parts for vehicles,  but also for the planning and development of those parts. Injection molding allows for the production of durable and high-quality material for the food and beverage industry, the agriculture industry, and pharmaceutical industries to name a few. Another industry that everyone depends on is household products. Most likely, the majority of the products in a home kitchen will have been made from injection molding.

Injection molding is not a well-known field for those outside the industry itself, but it contributes to the manufacturing and production of so much of what modern society has come to rely on in daily life. Some items are tiny and others are large, but they are all significant and possible thanks to injection molding.

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