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3 Things You Should Know About Ear Reshaping

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If you’ve been feeling insecure about your protruding ears or simply think that a change could help them frame your face better, you may have been thinking about getting ear reshaping Quincy MA. While many types of protruding ears are normal, some may be malformed or cause bullying because of their prominence, especially in children, which can lead to self-esteem or social issues. Thankfully, there is a solution. Ear reshaping, known medically as otoplasty, can help correct the prominence, size or curvature of the ears. To learn more about ear reshaping and whether the procedure could be right for you, read on.

1. It Can Refer to Several Procedures

While the term might sound monolithic, ear reshaping can actually refer to a number of different procedures. These procedures can target ear size, shape, angles or general curvature. Additionally, sometimes only one ear requires the procedure, allowing it to be matched to the other, more proportionate ear.

2. It’s Commonly Performed for Children

For parents with young children whose ears may need correction, it may be comforting to know that some surgeons actually recommend getting ear reshaping done before the age of socialization. This means that it’s not uncommon to have the procedure performed on five- or six-year-olds. By the age of six, the ears are nearly the full adult size, allowing the issue to be corrected before schoolyard bullies have a chance to mock them.

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3. There’s Some Downtime Required

Like other medical procedures, there’s some degree of downtime involved with otoplasty. Patients usually wear compressive dressing for 24 hours after the procedure and then keep a lighter dressing on for up to a week afterwards.

If your ear prominence or shape has been causing you to feel down, you may have considered ear reshaping to help get your self-esteem and social life back. Before getting any procedure done, though, it’s best to be well informed. Keep these key facts in mind, talk with your doctor and you can confidently decide whether ear reshaping is right for you.

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