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4 Signs To Repair Your Commercial Ice Machine

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Without a commercial ice machine, your bar or restaurant cannot run as efficiently. Your customers rely on you to produce delicious drinks with clean-tasting ice. If your ice machine breaks down, you could lose money. This is why you must pay attention to any red flags that may indicate a severe problem with the ice machine.

Loud Noises

Your ice maker should only make predictable noises. If your equipment begins to make noise when not making ice or if your ice maker begins to sound unusual or excessively loud, you may have a significant issue that requires the help of a commercial ice machine service.

Foul Tastes

You should never have ice that tastes poorly. In your restaurant or bar, you have to prepare a variety of drinks. If your ice tastes or smells bad, it can reflect poorly on the drinks you serve and you could lose customers. Even the best drink cannot overpower a lousy taste. Some sour flavors from the ice machine may be due to a lack of cleaning.

Leaking Water

If you have leaks forming on the exterior of your ice machine, it may be time to call a commercial ice machine service Atlanta GA business owners trust. When you leave a leak, it can cause damage to your business’s floors. Interior leaks may appear more significant than average ice cubes. Keep in mind that large ice cubes can wear your ice maker out.

Fewer Ice Cubes

If you find that your machine runs out of ice more often, it may be because your machine doesn’t produce the same amount of ice that it used to. If you have to reach lower to find fresh ice, your machine may be having issues making and outputting ice.

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If your ice machine begins to act unpredictable or unusual, you may need to consider an inspection and repairs. When it comes to your ice machine, it is up to you to make sure it runs properly for your guests and customers.

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