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How Long Will It Take Omega 3 Supplements to Work?

Omega 3 Supplements

For any health condition, it is a vital aspect to check with your doctor. However, not all medicines or supplements start working immediately. You have to show care and patience in order to reap the benefits. Moreover, it is not all about the type or quality of medication or supplementation. The amount has its impact too.

Today, we are contemplating on the above points to understand how long the omega 3 supplements take to show their effects. Furthermore, we have cited some advantages of omega-3 supplements too when taken in the right quantity.

Why Are Omega-3 Supplements Important?

Omega-3 supplements contain the fatty acids EPA, DHA, and ALA. They are animal-based or plant-based. The animal-based omega-3 supplements have seafood as their sources like salmon, trout, and some kind of shellfish. The essential aspect is that they should be fatty fish. Also, such supplements are usually in the form of liquid or capsule fish oil. All these forms have their benefits and drawbacks. For instance, the body can conveniently absorb liquid fish oil, while soft gel capsules are effortless to swallow as compared to tablets.

The plant-based omega-3 supplements are good sources of ALA. Some of these sources are chia seeds, walnuts, hemp seeds, and algae. Besides, there are a number of aspects you must consider before buying omega-3 supplements. Like, what is the reputation of the supplement brand? Also, what is the quantity of fatty acids?

First and foremost, investigate the omega-3 deficiency signs in your body. Allergy symptoms and problems with hair, nails, and skin can be an indication. Moreover, if you are finding it difficult to concentrate or remain attentive, ask your doctor for an omega-3 dose. Another problem is the difficult menstrual cycles in women. Also, take your leg cramps and joint pain seriously.

Omega-3s supply energy and health to the human body. In order to boost the functionalities of your precious eyes and brain, it is crucial to consume the correct dose of omega-3 supplements. The intake of a minimum of 250 mg of combined EPA and DHA on a daily basis is healthy. The maximum amount we saw online was 5000 mg. Nevertheless, never forget to check with your health specialist first.

How Much Time Omega-3 Supplements Take to Work?

According to a source, it does not take plenty of time for omega-3s to get absorbed in the digestive tract. Moreover, it quickly reaches your bloodstream as well. Hence, overall, it takes around 4 to 8 hours. Nevertheless, it requires more time for the effects to go into action. For instance, if you are consuming omega-3 supplements to reduce chronic inflammation, the effectiveness will not show immediately. Hence, the consistency in this consumption is important.

Moreover, DHA requires more time, nearly 18 weeks, as compared to EPA, which only takes 6 weeks. The quantity also matters. If you are ingesting more, it might only take a few weeks to exhibit the effects. Also, make sure to stay away from overdosing yourself.

We also found a relevant comparison between fish oil and algae oil. As per a study, there was a rise in DHA levels in the blood after two weeks of algae oil consumption. Hence, it indicates that algae oil can be absorbed in the body much faster. However, for confirmation, this requires further investigation. Also, it depends on the dose and quality of the supplements.

In order to maximize the perks, it is important to take supplements of high-quality brands. Moreover, the supplements alone might not effect. You require healthy diet and exercise to enjoy health to the fullest.

When Do Omega-3 Supplements Start Working: The FAQs

How quickly does omega-3 work?

According to a source online, some benefits become visible after six weeks of supplement consumption. To see the full effect, there is a possibility of four to six months. Also, the measurability is applicable after a few months.

How do you know if omega-3 is working?

You can get a blood test for examining the triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Moreover, you might notice other changes in your body, like reduction in inflammation and improvement in overall cardiovascular functionality.

What happens to your body when you start taking omega-3?

The reduction in triglyceride levels in your body can occur and this is backed up by strong evidence. Also, omega-3 starts affecting your brain, so, you might see a boost in memory, learning and cognitive well-being.

What happens if I take omega-3 every day for a month?

Improvement in cardiovascular function and lowering of the inflammation are some of the effects you might start noticing. However, as per one source, if you are taking omega-3s for a longer period of time, it may result in the reduction of immune system function.

Do fish oil pills work immediately?

You might not observe the immediate benefits of consuming fish oil. The omega-3s require around 6 weeks to 6 months for noticeable changes, such as in pain and mood.


Omega-3s, whether in the form of supplements or not, provide the body with so many positive effects. For instance, one can relish good heart and brain health. They assist in preserving memory and boosting the learning abilities. Also, these supplements have various forms, such as liquid and soft gels. Fish oil is well-known supplement rich in omega-3s.

In order to understand the sources of these fatty acids, they are both plant-based and animal-based. Examples include trout, salmon, chia seeds, and walnuts. Make sure to determine the reputation or the quality of brand before buying supplements from it.

Omega-3 supplements do not show signs immediately. It requires a few weeks to months to benefit you to the fullest. Also, as per a study, algae oil works quite faster and requires around two weeks. Another article revealed that EPA works quicker than DHA. Both of them are the kinds of fatty acids.

Furthermore, for a healthy lifestyle, omega-3s alone may not prove well. You should combine them with a healthy diet and exercise. And, most importantly, always seek a doctor for any sort of health condition first, instead of purchasing the supplements without recommendation.

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