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5 Safe And Effective Ways To Remove Facial Hair

by Snehal Tanwar
Effective Ways To Remove Facial Hair

There was a time when there was no proper information and facilities for women to remove their facial hair without affecting their sensitive skin. But with the advancement of technology, of course, now there are multiple ways to do the same. Whether you groom your facial hair or not, just remember that it’s natural, there’s nothing abnormal about it, after all, it’s human biology.

You do know the skin is the largest tissue of a human body and also is the most sensitive one. Especially the facial skin, as it is the most sensitive area of the human physiology. If you choose to remove or trim your facial hair, remember that the method to do so should be safe, hygienic and tested.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to maintain hygiene while removing facial hair.

Wash your face before implementing anything: Clean skin is the most crucial aspect. It not only maintains hygiene but also helps prevent bacteria from lurking on your face to get deep into your skin. So if you don’t wish to have any infections while removing hair, its recommended to always wash your face before moving any further.

Soothe skin when done: To avoid ingrown, you must soothe your skin once completed with the procedure. You can apply a serum or a lotion containing lactic acid or salicylic acid that will effectively soothe your hair follicles.

Now let’s get started for what you have come for:

Top 5 Safe And Effective Ways To Remove Facial Hair

#1 Threading

Threading is a hair removal technique that’s common in many eastern countries. It is performed with a thin cotton thread that is doubled, twisted and rolled over the targeted area to trap and pull out the unwanted hair. This is an effective and safe way to conducts the hair removal procedure as it does not consist of any harmful chemicals and also removes hair from the deeply rooted follicles.

Target areas: Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, side of the face and other parts.

Effectiveness: It lasts for almost 3-6 weeks.

Pain Level: Mild pain in the beginning but as one gets used to this process, it’s relatively painless.

Pros: One of the most sanitary hair removal method as each time, one has to discard the strand of thread after use.

Cons: Threading is a complex process and therefore has to be done by a qualified professional.

#2 Plucking

Plucking is a process where you can easily pluck hairs from its follicles with the help of tweezers. It is super easy to pluck out unwanted hair as all you need is a steady hand and a good pair of tweezers.

Target areas: Eyebrows, upper lip, chin and side of the face.

Effectiveness: Lasts up to 3 weeks.

Pain level: Mild discomfort depending on the growth of hair.

Pros: Tweezing is a very good method to remove small hard to reach eyebrow hair plus it is super cheap and effective, easy to be done at home.

Cons: it is a time consuming and tedious process. Also, if not done carefully, it can cause cuts and may result in ingrown.

#3 Depilatory Creams

Hair removal creams are simple to use and don’t need professional help. With the advancement of science, there are some creams like eflornithine cream that is available online and on local medical store that helps you remove facial hair permanently. Creams like this don’t give instant result, but with few weeks of application, can result in gradually slowing down of the unwanted facial hair.

Target areas: Eyebrows, upper lip, and side of the face.

Effectiveness: With normal hair removal creams, it lasts for 2-3 days, but with permanent hair removal cream it lasts for 8-9 weeks.

Pain level: There is no pain at all in this process, though there can be a mild discomfort if applied longer then suggested.

Pros: Creams are relatively cheap and do not require any professional assistance.

Cons: The smell can sometimes be overbearing.

#4 Waxing

You know what waxing is as most of us use this technique to remove hair from other parts of our body. The wax is first warmed a bit so that it can evenly spread over the targeted skin. Once it’s cool, it traps the hair into in and then it is pulled off quickly to pull out hair with follicles.

Target areas: Eyebrows, upper lip, chin and side of the face.

Effectiveness: 5-6 weeks

Pain level: Waxing is a painful process, especially if done in a large area.

Pros: Waxing removes a large area of unwanted hair at once and that too with its follicles. It’s not that expensive and can be done at home or a salon.

Cons: It may result in ingrown hair depending on the skin type. Also, it is important to be extra careful handling the hot wax to prevent skin burns.

#5 Laser Hair Removing

This technique employs laser technology, as the name suggests, to permanently get rid of unwanted hair from any part of the body. This is considered to be the most effective method of hair removal as it spares you from continuous plucking, threading, and waxing. This treatment yields you permanent results only when you complete the whole treatment and have received all the required follow-ups.

Target area: Anywhere on the face.

Effectiveness: The results are permanent if you follow through the whole treatment properly.

Pain level: This process is quite painful, but there can a little stinging sensation each time a follicle is zapped. According to some people, it is like an elastic band being snapped on the skin repeatedly.

Pros: Repeated sessions help you get rid of unwanted hair for good.

Cons: Laser treatment is very expensive and requires somewhere around 5-12 sessions that can be very painful.

Departing Words

We all know facial hairs are natural, but they can be annoying for some people. Either way, always try to maintain the procedure safe and hygienic to protect your skin at all times.


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