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5 Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips That’ll Help You Pass Inspection Every Time

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Given the low success rate of new restaurants, having a clean kitchen should your priority.

When it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning, it is not enough to cover what’s on the surface. Inspectors will look beyond the counters into the dark corners and under shelves.

With that in mind, let’s look at five expert tips for cleaning your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Whether new to the industry or an established kitchen, having a restaurant cleaning guide is a great way to put in place clear guidelines for employees. Use the following as a guide to keeping your kitchen as clean as possible.

1. Prepare a Thorough Checklist

Starting each of your employees with a clear guide of how to clean before, during, and after their shift, will help to ensure a clean work environment. Make it clear to each employee what is expected of them and how they should be keeping their workspace clean and clear.

Provide checklists for staff so they can be sure to properly clean. A rotation of jobs is also very effective, giving bigger jobs to people on a schedule.

For example, cleaning the fryer may not be done daily, but should be done regularly. Having a schedule will mean it never gets missed.

2. Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Given that the exhaust hood is used to remove smoke and airborne grease from the kitchen, it will come as no surprise to hear that it needs to be cleaned regularly. Unfortunately, it often gets overlooked.

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Start by cleaning out the grease traps. This will involve removing the traps and disposing of any grease inside. Soak the traps in hot soapy water for at least 10 minutes before rinsing clean and leaving to dry.

In some cases, you can remove the filters and clean them in the same way as the grease traps. However, in some cases, you may need to have them replaced on a schedule.

Finish by thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior with a strong degreaser.

3. Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning

Cleaning grease ducts is a more involved job that is best left to professionals. In many cases, they will need to enter the duct to gain access and clean effectively.

Though it may not be seen, dirty ducts can cause the filters to clog and has the potential to smell. This can increase the chances of pests in the kitchen.

Schedule regular cleaning of the ducts to maintain the cleanest environment possible.

4. Commercial Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

Whether cabinets with doors or open shelving, someone should be cleaning these areas daily. Dust, food residue, and grease can become trapped on shelves which can cause bad smells and in some cases, bugs.

Have each employee thoroughly clean their workspace after every shift. This will ensure any food left after service will be cleaned away before it attracts pests.

5. Cleaning Floors and Drains

When cleaning the floor, always make sure to sweep all the way under units to the edge near the wall. If you miss out on food scraps, it may cause rotting and moulding.

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In addition, you should also have someone cleaning the drains regularly. These will often be filled with food and grease and can attract various bugs and pests. Fruit flies especially can live in the drains, feeding off the food residue left to sit in stagnant water.

Cleaning a Commercial Kitchen: Final Thoughts

When it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning, always look beyond the surface. An inspection will check over common surfaces but also looks much deeper

By creating a commercial kitchen cleaning checklist, assigning jobs, and ensuring daily cleanings, you can help to prevent the need for deep cleans. Instead, you will be maintaining an already clean kitchen with ease.

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