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Home Design Trends for 2020

by Snehal Tanwar

With the new year comes spring cleaning and updating the home. Does your home need a new look? Are you trying to redecorate your home, but you are not sure what design you want? Redecorating the home can be a daunting task even for those who have done it before. Follow these tips for the latest trends about what’s new in 2020.

From colors to designs and styles, here are some tips for how to keep your home looking modern in the new year!

1– Add Neutrals

Keep things classic by decorating the inside of your property with more neutral colors, such as light green, a light gray, taupe, or mauve. Neutral colors can easily be matched with a pop of color for highlights or edging. They can also easily be matched with seasonal décors such as Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. They aren’t hard on the eyes and light colors can help to brighten up a room.

Whether it is neutral walls, neutral furniture, bedding, kitchen décor, neutral colors make your home look more appealing and can give your home a light feeling without the glare that you get with white paint.

White is standard for most homes and it causes glare which can hurt the eyes, so why not try something a little different that won’t overwhelm the eyes while not looking standard.

Be adventurous and try taupe or mauve for your room!

2– Dark colors

Black, Grey and white seem to be very popular colors for 2020

Something about the clash between dark and light makes a great design idea. Darker highlights or darker furniture against a light background really makes the furniture design stand out and can give a room a feeling of sophistication.

Grey colors make your home look more elegant and formal. Especially if complemented with black and white.

There are many ways to incorporate dark colors in your home – from white marble countertops to black chairs, dark furniture, backsplashes. Even a black coffee table or TV case. Adding marble to your home will increase its value. If you are on a budget, there are many other ways to add marble to your home without breaking your bank account. You can start with backsplashes that way it’s not as much as transforming your countertops.


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3 – Bringing back the Old

2020 is a year to bring back old trends, such as the farmhouse look, which can help bring a cozy feel to the home and creates a different feel from the modern, sterile feel of metal and plastic.

Farmhouse décor such as farmhouse furniture, dining tables, farmhouse kitchen sinks, barn doors, bar stools, kitchen accessories, and another décor can give your home a more country home feel, especially if you have a lot of wooden cabinets and panels in your home.

Bedding – canopy beds, making your bedroom environment more comfortable, not to mention give a classical feel to a room.

If you have a hardwood table or dresser. This might be an opportunity to put it in a more prominent position or even take it out of storage and place it in your bedroom or dining room.

Metals such as silver, copper, tin, bronze (especially for the kitchen) can help add the country-style décor.


4 – Multiple Ways of Adding Nature Throughout Your Home

You can incorporate plant hangers or a potted plant into a corner of the home, such as a dining nook or a corner of your living room. Macramé plant hangers are usually made from thread, ropes, and other supplies depending on the style. Just make sure that they are not underneath carpet or anything that could easily stain, in case water or dirt drip down when water them. Live plants can help make a place feel fresh and clean. They do require maintenance, such as watering and cleaning, but the effect is worth it!

Hanging plants are great if you don’t have a lot of space on the floor or if you have kids or pets that might knock them over. They can also add a fresh smell to any room.

You can also add fresh flowers according to the season, such as freshly cut tulips or roses in the spring and summer, or dried leaves in the fall and winter.

Big plants around the interior of the home – living room, bathroom, main hallway, etc. Talk with a gardener to see what a good fit would be to your indoor plant.

Multiple Ways of Adding Nature

5 – Feminine tones

Incorporating feminine tones such as blush, different tones of pink, gold, rose gold, bronze and taupe can brighten up a home and give it a more personal touch.

These tones go great with neutral colors as well, such as the neutral colors mentioned above. Many feminine colors work great as accents to neutral colors or even as the main color. Whatever suits your personality best!

Feminine tones aren’t just for women, a married couple or a single man can also incorporate feminine tones into their home.

We saw these tones emerging towards the end of 2019 as well.

6 – Bold Pattern for the Backsplash

Big patterns and colors are all the trends for 2020 for the kitchen. These can work especially for the sink’s Backsplash

These can easily be removable (peel off backsplash to adjust and change around your kitchen). This can make them easy to switch out if you decide you don’t like them, or they get too dirty.

Great way to make your kitchen stand out and they can help draw the eye.

Time to start updating your home!

The start of the new year is a great time to start thinking about a new look for your home! Use the following tips to keep your home looking modernized this 2020. Get rid of your old fashioned not in style items and give your home the look it deserves.

Talk with an interior designer or an expert where you can try out different designs and colors before you buy, such as at Home Depot to see what you like best. None of these changes must be very big, unless you want them to be. Even a new coat of paint or a highlight can make a huge difference in a room.

Write down a few ideas and then how they look to see what would work best in your home!

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