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How to Choose a Garage Door Contractor Online

How to Choose a Garage Door Contractor Online

Nowadays, there are many big companies, little agencies, and individual entrepreneurs that are engaged in the sale and installation of garage sectional doors, and garage door repair olney md. What should you pay attention to first of all when choosing a contractor? Let’s look into this issue in detail so that your gates serve for a long time and with high quality!

Tips on how to Select a Garage Door Contractor

1.  Number of years on the market

The more years the company has been on the market, the more experienced it is and has more coordinated processes in the supply, production, and installation of sectional doors, and also has a developed quality management system. This experience extends, in particular, to the working staff: managers, measurers, and installers.

2. Reviews

Recommendations and reviews are the best sources of information. After all, who would recommend a bad and dishonest company? You can find reviews: on the company’s website, in Yandex and Google directories, reviews, and check with friends and relatives. It is important to have reviews not only of individuals, but also of legal entities that always provide reviews on letterhead, and this is an additional guarantee of the quality of the chosen company since such reviews are as reliable as possible. The lack of reviews or the majority of negative reviews should alert you.

3. Range

When contacting the company and choosing sectional doors, you should pay special attention to the range, technical parameters of the doors, color palette, and additional options. The wider the range, the more variations and options for closing the opening of your garage, and accordingly, the more likely that you will be as satisfied as possible.

4. Professional Composition

More than one person is needed for the successful and high-quality implementation of your project. Managers should conduct a quality consultation on the range. The measurer will help to take into account all the nuances at the facility itself (the features of communications and buildings, the entrance to the garage, to help make the best choice).

And the quality of installation directly depends on the professional experience of the installers. Incorrect measurement of the gate threatens the inability to install the gate. In this case, the measuring contractor is obliged to assume all financial responsibility, but you lose time on the manufacture and supply of new gates, leaving your opening empty. Incorrect installation contributes to increased wear of numerous structural components and, as a result, to a decrease in the life of the gate and its premature failure.

1.  A company’s support service center

In the event of the slightest defects, mechanical damage, or the need to replace any components, you will need prompt assistance from service specialists. In the absence of this service, you run the risk of being left with an inoperable gate for an indefinite period, which has several disadvantages, or you will have to waste your time and look for a repair team on your own.

2. Portfolio

Each company that has successfully shown itself in the market should have its portfolio with photos and videos of the work performed. Before choosing a company, we recommend that you search for this information, which should be posted on the site. This will help you understand why you should choose this particular contractor, and how he positions himself, and also help with the idea of the desired gate.

3. Opportunity to See Objects Live

In addition to beautiful photos of the work performed, check if there is an opportunity to see the objects live so that you can ask your questions and collect feedback on the operating experience. Even if your garage is located somewhere in a remote place, experienced companies will have a similar object somewhere near you, so feel free to check this information.

4.Company Office and Website

The face of the company is an office and a website, for a start they just have to be. The ideal office is when it has a showroom and all the panel design samples, as well as a consultant, and for complex technical issues, an engineer.

5. Availability of a contract, and warranty obligations

The presence of a contract and guarantees of the services provided will help to secure you as much as possible and be confident in the future. Carefully read the terms and conditions of delivery, and information about the guarantee, often verbally pronounce other information. There are cases when unscrupulous contractors do not agree to redo poor-quality work, do not provide any guarantees, deceive and do not return the money, and also promise terms only in words.

The Things to Prepare Before the Arrival of Garage Gate Installers

If you have already planned the purchase of sectional doors and are at the stage of preparing the garage, then you should familiarize yourself with many recommendations that must be carried out before the arrival of our installation team.

For instance, after taking measurements, STI Garage Door specialists leave a memo with the basic requirements for preparing the garage, but unfortunately, not all customers read and follow it.

In order for the installation to be carried out successfully and without any difficulties, carefully read this information.

Basic Requirements for Preparing a Garage

  1. Clear the garage of debris and free the workspace from all sorts of clutter before the arrival of the installation.
  2. Cover the inspection pit/ basement to allow the installation of stepladders and the safety of our employees.
  3. Provide sockets for connecting power tools.
  4. Follow all recommendations for preparing the opening for the gate received from employees during the measurement.

For Example:

  • The surface of the opening planes must be flat and smooth, without sagging of plaster mortar and cracks.
  • Deviations of working surfaces from the vertical and horizontal should not exceed 1.5 mm / m, but not more than 5 mm.
  • The lintel of the opening (lintel) and the side surfaces of the frame of the opening (shoulders) must be in the same plane.
  • The movement of the gate must not be hindered by any building structures.
  • Changing the opening parameters (width, height, lintel height, ceiling level, floor level, garage finishing, etc.) should be made only upon agreement with the supplier.


To save your time and money right now, order technical service from STI Garage Door! If you have any questions, feel free to contact them! The technical specialists of their service center constantly train employees and partners of the company in order to improve their skills in the installation and operation of equipment.

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