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How To Get Cash for Unused Items in Your Home

by sambit
selling household goods

You’d be surprised how much money you can make by selling items in your home that you no longer use. Holding a garage sale is a great option for peddling everyday household items, but not necessarily the best choice for your more expensive ones. Here are a few ways to turn those unwanted belongings into cash.


Have a look through your jewelry box and pick out any rings, bracelets and necklaces that you haven’t worn in years. Take them to a few different jewelry buyers Springfield MA in your area to compare sales offers before deciding who to sell to. You won’t get the original full price for them, but you may be surprised how much they are worth.

Sports Equipment

If dusty golf clubs, skis, snowboards, hockey skates and exercise equipment are cluttering up your spare room or garage, clear them out with one trip to a Play It Again Sports store near you. You can also sell these items locally online through the websites NextDoor, SidelineSwap or Craigslist.


Perhaps you remodeled a room and are wondering where to sell the old furniture or your kids are older and want to replace their racecar bed or princess bedroom set. NextDoor or Facebook Marketplace are two great local online resources to list used furniture. It’s also worth checking with consignment stores in your area if you like the idea of letting someone else handle the sale.


Kids seem to outgrow their toys fairly quickly and too often their cast-offs go into the trash. However, if they are in good condition and clean, you can sell those toys to your local Once Upon a Child store for cash.

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Clear out the clutter in your home and turn any unused jewelry, sports equipment, furniture, or neglected kids’ toys into cash you can use.

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