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Kitchen Island: All the Advantages of this Furniture Set

Even though the island kitchen is a relatively recent invention of designers, it has already managed to gain wide popularity around the world. This furniture is a large multifunctional table, usually placed in the center of the kitchen space. That’s why the name of this piece of furniture is an island. A separate working area resembles an island, an independent and very important item in the overall interior composition of the space.Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen islands can be either integral parts of a kitchen set, repeating the stylistic and color scheme of its main facades, or an independent piece of furniture that is placed separately and is in no way connected with the main set by design. The island is not a completely new idea. The peculiarity of such a kitchen layout corresponds to the best traditions of European countries.

Kitchen Island: Main Pluses

Below there are some of the top benefits of the decision to have such furniture.

  • Functionality. The island can be a bar counter, a dining table, or just a comfortable work area. If necessary, water, electricity, and gas are brought to it. This gives a unique opportunity to install any modern household appliances (for example, a sink, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, or freezer). It can accommodate a minibar or a small wine cellar. It becomes very convenient when the island can be transformed into something else.
  • Versatility. Kitchen islands can fit perfectly into absolutely any interior style from classic to loft, hi-tech or modern. Much depends on the style of the kitchen, so the islands are usually made exclusively for the overall kitchen picture.
  • Design harmony. The island gives the kitchen a special touch of conciseness and emphasizes the sense of style. The thoughtful combination of the working and dining areas, as well as the recreation area, endows the social space with special comfort and coziness.

It can be seen that kitchen islands are also important multifunctional unit that effectively transforms the space, making it comfortable and modern.

Color Solutions

Most often, the island and the kitchen set are harmonious and completely set with a common design. Therefore, colors, materials, shapes, fittings, and other details are repeated in them. But there is another, more original way of designing the island – to turn it into a separate independent object that dominates the overall interior composition of the kitchen. Then it is enough to keep only one common design feature that allows us to consider the island as part of the ensemble.

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