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What Steps to Take When There Is Water Damage In Your Home?

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There are numerous reasons due to which you may face the dreadful water damage in your home. It can either be caused by a flood, leaked pipe, broken seal and weak drainage in general. Every year, thousands of houses in the U.S face water damage, and more than half of them would probably not be aware of how to handle the situation.

When it comes to water damage, the best remediation is to act quickly. You will need to get an idea about your place and see how much of it can be covered by insurance, other than that you shall always contact a professional pipe burst restoration company or water damages restoration company in Washington DC. A good and reputed company is going to have 24 hours helpline to make it even more convenient for you, you can talk to the representative and book an appointment as soon as necessary.

Four Major Steps of Water Damage Restoration

Here are the four major steps that you need to follow when remediating your place from water damage. You will need to inspect the place, extract water and moisture, dry it up, and finally restore. It has been briefly explained in the following steps.


The very first thing that you are required to do when there is a flood in your house or you need water damages remediation, is to inspect the damaged area yourself. You shall get a good idea about where the water is coming from, and you should try to cut it out from the source. Once you have inspected the area and cut the source, you are now all set, to begin with the restoration due to the flooding or leaking pipes, without safety hazards.


This step depends on the amount of damage that has been done to the property. If you are lucky enough to have spotted it before it did some damage, you can skip over to step number 3, drying. But if there has been a flood, you are looking at some long day’s work!

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All the material that has absorbed water shall be taken out, starting from the furniture, carpets, rugs, sofas, clothes, and pillow. And even the cabinets might be needed to take out, drawers and baseboards as well. once everything is out of the place and there is still standing water (in case there has been a flood in your basement) you are required to pump the water out then.


You have the source of the water leakage cut off and also have extracted all the wet material and water. What comes next is drying the moisture that is left in the material, walls, floors, drywalls and the entire place. This usually requires quite a high grade of equipment to completely dry the entire place of the absorbed moisture.

You will have to arrange for wooden flooring drying systems and dehumidifiers to dry as much humidity as you can from the air and surface. One of the main reasons to quickly start with the drying of your place is that if you don’t, the humidity levels after water damage or flood are ideal for mold and algae to grow, which is why you need to perform these as soon as you can to avoid it.

Reconstruction and Recheck

You should now be done with the remediation process after water damage, what you finally need to do is get the place back together like normal again. This includes disposing of the totally damaged material, can be fabrics, rugs or carpets, you can also inspect your belongings and have them restored by the professionals before putting them back in.

The walls, floor or roof that has been damaged (if there is structural damage done to your house) will need to be reconstructed and repainted. You might want to waterproof the weak areas beforehand so you may not face the same problem again. And of course, you will need to recheck the complete area for assurance before you do any of it, otherwise, your water damage has been remediated!

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Why You Should Hire A Professional for Water Damage Restoration

Many homeowners want to carry out the remediation of their houses from water damage by themselves, mostly to save money. Well, there are many other factors to consider when you are comparing a DIY to a professional project, following are some of the reasons why you consider hiring a professional, because it literally will cost you less!

Fast Restoration

As has been mentioned above already that when dealing with water damage, it is always the best to start working quickly. The more you delay it the more damage you are going to face. This is perhaps the best reason to hire a professional water damage remediation company as they remediate your home a lot quicker than you would on your own. They have all the required equipment in place and skillful experts who know how to get the project done quickly.

Valuable Advice

it is usually rather hard to make the decision of getting rid of certain items because of water damage, you might even keep what you should have disposed of and maybe get rid of something that could have been restored.

To avoid this confusion, you can always consult the professionals working at your home about the material that can be restored. He will offer you professional advice and may even recommend some restoration company that might be of use to you.

Helps In Getting Insurance Claims

The professional water damage restoration company that you are going to hire, have definitely dealt with hundreds of projects before you. This gives them the experience to provide the correct documentation in areas where you can most positively get your insurance claim.

You have to document the proof before you begin with the restoration and your hired professional may be just the best person to ask for help. He will help you in getting the concrete proof that insurance companies look for, as he does it probably by the day, he has much more knowledge of it.


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