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Careers in Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system in the US is made up of a wide variety of departments and organizations which provide services to the courts and the people involved in the trial process. Individuals who work in the system provide valuable services to their local community by protecting public safety and insuring that people involved in the system receive the justice, and the services, that they need. Read on for information on just a few of the career options in the criminal justice system.

Bail Bonds Services

When a suspect is unable to pay cash bail to secure his release, he may turn to a bail bonds Allentown PA service. A bail agent or bail bondsman is a financial professional who provides surety bonds to court to secure the release of a defendant until trial. Bail bondsmen are licensed and must attend a bail bonds training course and pass a licensure examination.

Probation Officers

Probation officers provide oversight to individuals who are out on probation or parole. They work as a combination case manager and custodian, by providing oversight and creating rehabilitation plans that help these individuals prepare for life beyond the criminal justice system. Probation officers are required to complete state-specific training and must meet minimum physical fitness requirements, similar to that of a police officer.

Correctional Officers

Correctional officers are employed to oversee inmates in correctional facilities such as jails, detention centers and prisons. They are responsible for the safety of detained individuals and must be able to work in a high-pressure prison environment. Training for correctional officers typically takes place on the job. However, some officers choose to pursue coursework or degrees in criminal justice.

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A bailiff is another type of law enforcement officer. Bailiffs are charged with keeping order and providing security in a courtroom. A bailiff may assist the judge in some matters and is also charged with escorting and ensuring the safety of sequestered and non-sequestered juries.

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