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How To Choose A High Profile Divorce Lawyer Who Will Fight For Your Rights

How To Choose A High Profile Divorce Lawyer

Divorcing a spouse is often an emotionally charged and legally complex ordeal. This is especially amplified for wealthy couples or high-asset divorces involving delicate financial handling.

Beyond supporting clients emotionally, a high profile divorce lawyer demonstrates sharp negotiation skills. Additionally, they’re experienced in financial litigation to secure favourable property division and spousal support/child custody arrangements.

However, not all attorneys excel in securing fair outcomes at the high stakes surrounding high net-worth divorces. Choosing the right attorney means understanding the speciality traits that distinguish exemplary divorce lawyers. Keep reading to learn more.

Look for Expertise In High-Profile Divorce Cases

Many family attorneys can guide couples in navigating more cut-and-dry marital dissolutions. However, lawyers focusing specifically on high-profile divorces encounter more unique challenges that require extensive negotiation skills.

A lawyer who focuses on high-profile divorces has an unparalleled knowledge of dealing with such cases. They often have a competitive edge over other lawyers. Ask prospective counsel directly about the percentage of current caseloads devoted to high-profile divorce to gauge suitability.

Assess Deal-Making Skills through Past Case Settlements

Understanding complex asset division, business valuation, and long-horizon support arrangements means little if lawyers lack a steady track record. Study an attorney’s settlement scorecard across equivalent cases to assess success rates.

How do they deal with property division percentages, business valuations, and alimony terms? This real-world negotiating is your evidence of their capabilities. Get a high-profile divorce lawyer who can see and avoid potential pitfalls before they come.

A High Profile Divorce Lawyer with Family Tax Expertise

A commonly overlooked yet critical quality distinguishing good divorce lawyers from great ones is a firm understanding of family tax law. Their knowledge of family tax should be equivalent to CPA-grade competency.

High-profile divorces often involve complex financial matters. For instance, you may have missed staying up to date with the latest IRS code updates around dependency exemptions, child tax credits, and alimony payments – your lawyer will be able to help you fill in the blanks.

Couples must also file status changes, pensions/retirement divisions, etc. This will shield them from conceding hundreds of thousands in wealth in the long run.

Confirm Availability for Proactive Case Management

Long battles over property, custody disputes, and financial restitution demand substantial time investment. A high-profile lawyer must ensure they are available without spreading themselves too thin across many cases.

Having counsel accessible to offer advice quickly during time-sensitive scenarios greatly impacts outcomes. Readily available lawyers push cases forward more swiftly to facilitate expedient resolutions. Besides that, available lawyers meet important deadlines and due dates.

Ask candidly about the average hours they devote weekly per client. Ensure the capacity aligns with your support requirements during turbulent proceedings.

Bottom Line

In many respects, high-profile divorce lawyers are like trusted financial advisors. Therefore, hire someone who specializes in that niche, has a proven track record, and is well-versed in family tax matters. Most importantly, look for a high-profile divorce lawyer you can easily reach out to and help expedite your case.

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