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Issues That Should Be Addressed in Attempts to Reform Policing

Issues That Should Be Addressed in Attempts to Reform Policing

Several issues need to be addressed to bring about the change that is required in the world of policing. Some of these include diversity, accountability systems, and reductions in funding. Others include procedural protections for police unions and State level licensing requirements for police.


Across the country, several agencies have been successful in recruiting and retaining various officer corps.

To improve retention, some police departments have begun to focus on supporting underrepresented officers. Others have reevaluated their hiring and selection processes.

In addition, there has been significant research on the positive effects of diversity on police work. Increasing evidence demonstrates that increased diversity can be improved policing, particularly regarding communication skills and trust.

In recent years, the Federal government has actively promoted greater diversity in law enforcement. The Department of Justice has established an Advancing Diversity in Law Enforcement initiative to serve as a resource for law enforcement agencies.

Many law enforcement agencies have dedicated much time and energy to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. However, there are still significant barriers to recruiting and retaining a high-quality police force.

Accountability Systems

Police accountability is essential to ensuring that police departments are providing fair services. This is because citizens expect the police to uphold the rule of law, promote public safety, and treat people with dignity.

One strategy to improve police accountability is the creation of civilian review boards. These review boards vary in size and composition. They are used to investigate police misconduct and unconstitutional policing practices.

The federal government has supported accountability-based reforms. In 2015, the US government allocated $20 million in competitive grants to police agencies. In addition, the federal government suggested changes to practices and policies. Several state political leaders have responded by passing legislation to increase police accountability.

Another strategy is to hold officers accountable through virtual supervision. Some police executives use technology to monitor their staff’s performance. Other methods include requiring police unions to choose arbitrators for disciplinary appeals.

Several factors influence whether or not police executives decide to implement accountability strategies. For example, if a police department is funded by the local government, it may be more challenging to spend money on accountability measures.

State-Level Licensing Requirements For Police

Increasing the accountability of police officers is essential. When citizens feel that their police are following the law and treating them with dignity, they will be more likely to trust that their local officials will help keep their communities safe.

The US federal government plays a vital role in helping to reform policing in the USA. From 2008 to 2016, the government made several significant contributions to enhancing the criminal justice system.

One of the most critical measures to improve police accountability is increasing civilian review boards. These groups vary in size and function, but their work helps ensure that citizens are involved in the oversight of the police.

Reducing Funding to Police Departments

With protests against police violence sweeping the country, activists are clamoring for a change in policing. Some are seeking to defund the police, while others call for restructuring the way law enforcement works.

Reducing police funding should be part of any reforms to improve the relationship between police and communities. This can mean either diverting funds to other programs or reducing the number of officers that work in the city.

Police budgets are typically based on population, crime, and revenue streams. However, there is substantial variation in the amount of money spent on police, which can cause some cities to be understaffed or overstaffed.

Police budgets are comprised of salaries, benefits, and operational expenses. In addition to these, the federal government also provides a share of the total amount of police funding. The increased amount of money that the federal government gives to police can provide policymakers with the opportunity to condition the federal funds on reforms. For example, the federal government can help with warrant writing, purchase forensic equipment, and analyze data from body cameras and social media.

Creating Labyrinthine Procedural Protections for Police Unions

Police union CBAs have been the subject of much ire lately. They have been blamed for the lack of transparency and accountability in the policing industry. To the uninformed, these contracts are like any other bargaining agreement between a city and its employees. But the truth is, they can be just as limiting as any policy manual. For instance, some have limited or outright prohibited those above ol’ fashioned record retention policies.

A recent investigation by InvestigateTV revealed some of the perks and pitfalls of police union CBAs. The report examined 128 police union CBAs in six cities. After reviewing each, the team discovered that the best practices were not uniform, with some contract language restricting or delaying officers’ interrogation. The local government sometimes had the last word on sealing the deal. This is one of many stumbling blocks in the way of genuine reform.

While a police union is unlikely to be the scapegoat for the latest disciplinary fiasco, the fact remains that their CBAs have a tendency to limit the perks and penalties of their members. No wonder a small cadre of union officers make some of the most critical policy decisions.

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