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3 Ways To Decorate With Cow Hides

by sambit
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Do you love the idea of decorating your home with country-western flair? Brining cowhides into your living area is a perfect way to create that special look. Here are three ways you can decorate your home with hides.

1. Rugs

Your floors are one of the most prominent places to use a cowhide. You can purchase finished rugs, or you can find hides suppliers Bronx NY to make your own. Rugs are oversized and make a dramatic statement in any room. They come in various colors, shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits your style.

2. Furniture

Chairs, couches and tables look great covered in cowhide patterns. You can use the hide as a cover like a blanket or have furniture entirely refinished with the hides. The leather stands up to a lot of wear and tear and lasts many years, so feel free to use it on your everyday furniture. If you want a subtler look, simply decorate with a few throw pillows sewn from hides.

3. Lights

Lighting in your room is a great place to make a dramatic design statement. Use cowhides to cover lamp shades to give a unique look when the lights are on. Since the hide is thicker than a traditional shade, the amount of light given off at night will provide you with a soft glow, ideal for a comfortable evening by the fireplace. If you are looking for brighter lights, consider covering the base in the hide and leaving the shade untouched.

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There are many fun ways to bring a little country charm to your home. Adding cowhides to your decor is an easy way to give your room a unique look. You can find them in various colors and patterns that fit your style for rugs, furniture and lights. They last for a long time, so you can enjoy your design work for many years to come.

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