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3 Ways To Help Wedding Guests Outside of Town

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If you organize a large wedding ceremony, chances are you will invite people who are not familiar with where you live or where the wedding will take place. These guests might require additional attention or accommodations due to their long trip. The following measures can benefit all guests, but especially those from out of town.

1. Provide the Transportation

Your guests will likely arrive tired and exhausted from their trip and have no enthusiasm for another drive to the venue. Not to mention they might take time finding their way there. You can spare them the trouble by providing transport. Organize a carpool or hire a charter bus Scranton to take them from their hotel rooms to the main location. This practice ensures that all the guests will arrive on a timely fashion. Arranged transportation can also take them to their rooms safely after a night of partying.

2. Prioritize Their Comfort

Guests who traveled a long distance might feel exhausted, especially if they have recently arrived. There are a few things you can do to increase their comfort. Schedule activities so they are not too early in the day. Ask them ahead of time if they need any accommodations and ensure the venue can provide them, especially for disabilities. Welcome them with comfortable seats and refreshing drinks as soon as they arrive. Finally, offer other activities like photo booths and pool tables if they are not comfortable dancing and walking.

3. Assist With Accommodations

If you do not have a strict timetable and arranged transportation, there are other ways to help your guests acclimate. Research affordable airlines and hotels in Shepherds Bush and send the information to guests months before the ceremony. Also highlight restaurants, tourist attractions, and other features they might like to see in their free time.

Wedding guests from other towns, states, or even countries might need more guidance than you would think. Show them a great time during your special day with these tactics.

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