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4 Ways to Wow Her When You Pop the Question

by sambit
engagement proposal

Engagement proposals are an important start to any marriage journey, and being prepared for this special day can be overwhelming. Use these steps to ensure that your bride-to-be is blown away by your attention to detail, and help her to know how special she is!

1. Get a Fancy Ride

Hiring a Limousine Company Lehigh County is a great way to add some class to your special night out. Sit back and let a high-class limo set the tone for your amazing evening; she is sure to be impressed by this incredible addition to the night.

2. Buy Flowers

Flowers always speak to a woman’s heart, so what better way to give honor to her on this special day of your engagement? From bouquets to boutonnieres, flowers add a special touch of personality to any proposal. Be sure to know her favorite type of flower, so that you can impress her with your thoughtfulness.

3. Prepare a Script

Perhaps you are most nervous about the words you will say when you ask her the most important question of your life. If this is the case, then preparing a script is a perfect way to combat this anxiety. Making lists can actually be quite dreamy–perhaps you might list all of the reasons that you love her, or all the things you dream of doing with her in your one beautiful life.

4. Find the Perfect Spot

The spot of the engagement will be one that she will remember forever, so don’t let this detail slip by unplanned. Perhaps you propose at the location of your first date, the place where you first kissed, or a place that you love to spend quality time together. Be intentional about the place and she will notice.

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After being attentive to all of these details, it is finally time for you to pop the question! You have set the tone, prepared your ask, and arrived at the perfect spot, so now you are free to fully share your heart and this moment with your future bride.

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