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5 Benefits of Implementing an Orange Curriculum in Your School

5 Benefits of Implementing an Orange Curriculum in Your School

Orange is a kid’s ministry curriculum that covers preschool through high school. This curriculum focuses on family ministry, connecting children to adults and their leaders for discipleship.

The name “Orange” is a symbol of the curriculum’s strategy. It combines critical influences, like the light of the church and the heart of the home, to impact kids more effectively than either can alone.

Increased Attendance

Students who attend regularly tend to have higher academic achievement and a greater probability of success in college. However, attendance can be affected by various factors, including illness, vacations, and family emergencies.

The orange curriculum has a unique approach to helping churches improve their attendance by creating biblical resources that link the home (parents and guardians) with the church (ministry leaders like you) to make a greater impact on children and teens. The curriculum is named Orange because it combines the colors of red and yellow, representing the two influential voices in a child’s life.

Orange offers four age-specific curricula that span preschool through elementary school. They also have an app for parents and other helpful resources. They encourage church leaders to develop a yearly plan to partner with parents and help them celebrate milestones in their child’s life, such as baby dedication, kindergarten, birthdays, baptisms, and graduation. They also have an easy-to-use group events app and media package to make getting started easier. They even have a summer learning program to help students avoid “summer learning loss” and remain engaged.

Enhanced Discipleship

Orange is a strategy that helps churches align critical influences in kids’ lives to show them that God is more effective than any one of those influencers can do alone. They offer a variety of events, training, and curriculum for different age levels based on that principle.

They’re best known for their annual family ministry conference (Orange Conference), but they also have a library of resources that spans all areas of children and youth church. Their curriculum includes pre-K through high school; they even have an app for parents to take the lessons home.

As you explore options for children’s church curriculum, we highly recommend learning as much about the philosophy and principles behind the Orange strategy before deciding whether it’s right for your church. You can do this by reading blog posts, watching videos, and listening to podcasts. You can also learn more about specific topics by contacting your Orange Specialist. They are a great resource and will be able to connect, coach, and customize the curriculum to your church.

Stronger Relationships

Orange is more than just curriculum; it’s an entire overhaul of how you do children and youth ministry. It begins with preschool and continues to include kids, teens, and even their parents. Orange helps connect the family by providing a free parent app and weekly lessons that can be discussed at home.

It gets its name from the color orange, which symbolizes the combination of red (the heart of the home) and yellow (the light of the church). It focuses on creating biblical resources that unite the two influential voices in a child’s life. By combining the church (ministry leaders like you) and the home (parents and guardians), Orange is stronger than alone.

With a focus on reaching the next generation, Orange offers multiple conferences nationwide, online resources, and free blogs.

Increased Community

Orange has many resources for every age group of the church. Each week, each age group receives unique content written specifically for them.

Orange also provides a large range of tools for church leaders. Thousands of churches around the world use the Orange curriculum. They are all different sizes, locations, and denominations. However, they all share one common bond – they want to shape the next generation’s faith.

With their curriculum, church leadership can align with parents to have a stronger impact on kids. This is the heart of what Orange is all about. It gets its name from orange, which combines two influences to create a stronger and more vibrant impact in kids’ lives.

Orange has social media kits that churches can use to communicate their curriculum to parents and small groups. Previously these were age-specific and day-specific. Now they will be general enough to be used by any church. This will provide more flexibility for each church to utilize the social media content they need.

Enhanced Spiritual Growth

Orange is designed to help kids, students, and adults see God for who He is. It uses wonder, discovery, and passion to ignite kids’ spiritual growth. It starts with preschoolers, then moves to elementary, middle, and high school.

The Orange strategy and curriculum are known for leveraging the critical influences of church and home to fuel faith in a generation. It creates biblical resources that promote alignment between the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red). Together, these two voices can impact children more than one influential voice.

Thousands of churches partner with Orange to use their weekly church curriculum, event experiences, and digital ministry training. They also host an annual conference free for anyone and aren’t bound by denominations. It’s a movement led by incredibly sharp young leaders who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and are working hard to figure out how to reach the next generation effectively.

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