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Keeping Them Close: The Benefits of In-Home Senior Care

in-home senior care

Statistics show that more than half of people over the age of 85 need some assistance with daily tasks.

So, if your parents are nearing that milestone it’s time to make provision for their care. Caring for an elderly parent involves a lot of effort and can place a considerable drain on your resources.

One option is to place them in a facility for the aged, but many seniors prefer the comforts and familiar surroundings of their own home.

In-home senior care is the ultimate answer for elderly folks who are still in good health but need a little extra help now and again. Keep reading for more about the advantages of in-home care for your loved one.

1. Peace of Mind For Everyone

When you know your loved one is experiencing difficulties in their daily life, it’s impossible not to worry about them all the time. No matter how close by you live, or work, you never know if they’ll be able to get to the phone in time if they’re in need.

Since most elderly folks tend to clutch on to their independence, you also worry if they’ll ask for help when needed, or rather struggle along on their own.

When you know there’s a kind and understanding companion by their side, you can focus on your daily tasks and cut out all the worries associated with having an elderly parent.

You can enjoy a vacation or go on a business trip without worries and know that they’re comfortable, cared for, and safe.

In many instances, in-home care services for seniors can prevent many of the age-related accidents so prevalent amongst older people, and reduce the chances of an expensive hospital stay that you could have avoided.

2. Assistance With the Little Things

Until you’re with your loved one full-time, you don’t know how much assistance they really need.

Can they prepare their own meals, bathe safely, and remember to take their medication?

Nobody likes to admit that they can’t do the things they used to manage with ease. So, you can’t rely on them to tell you when they need help.

Often, you’ll only notice that something’s amiss when they fall ill or injure themselves attempting to do something that’s beyond their capabilities.

When there’s a senior home care professional on-site, they’ll fill in the gaps for your loved one without letting them feel helpless or inadequate.

They can prepare healthy meals, administer medication correctly, and let you know when something’s not quite right.

3. Safe Travels When Necessary

We all get to the stage where failing eyesight and mental incapacities mean we shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a vehicle. When this happens to your loved one, it’s a big blow to their independence.

It’s difficult to ban your loved one from driving and they might not want to admit their failings in this regard. However, they’re placing their lives and those of others at risk if they get behind the wheel at this stage of their lives.

Your loved one needs to get the doctor from time to time, get groceries, and visit friends. Their senior care provider will make sure they can get around safely when needed and enjoy life outside of their four walls.

4. Caregivers Create a Sense of Independence

Driving and socializing aside, in-home carers give your loved one the freedom to enjoy their spare time as they please. When they have the help they need, they don’t spend their valuable time struggling with day to day tasks.

This ensures they can live safely and happily in their own homes for much longer and enjoy all their hobbies and outings as before.

It may seem like a small thing, but it makes a big difference to your loved one and helps boost their confidence and outlook on life.

In-home care delays the placement of elders in a long-term care facility which saves money and allows them to feel like a contributing member of the society for much longer.

5. In-Home Senior Care Provides Companionship

Most of your loved one’s friends may have passed away, moved into long-term care, or gone to live with their families. So, it’s likely that they’ll have fewer occasions for socializing.

This can cause them to experience intense loneliness and despair. Loneliness is a major contributing factor toward Alzheimer’s disease and can even lead to an early death.

An in-home care specialist is always there for them to chat to, or simply to create a sense of companionship during those long hours of alone time. They can also take your loved one on pre-arranged outings like coffee at the local café or to see a movie.

They can also encourage them to get some healthful exercise by joining them or a walk in the fresh air.

If you can arrange in-home senior care with someone close to their own age, that’s even better. They’ll have so much more in common with someone from their own generation and may even discover a few shared hobbies or interests to enjoy together.

Weighing Up Your Options

There’s nothing wrong with placing your parents in a specialized community for the elderly. They’ll receive excellent care and companionship and even make new friends.

Yet, in a sense, this symbolizes a last-stop for them and can cause undue depression and distress, so rather opt for in-home senior care for as long as possible.

Are you looking for some more health and lifestyle-related tips to guide you through life? Keep browsing our blog for more.

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