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Confused What to Wear for Prom? Rent It

Confused What to Wear for Prom

High school prom involves one of those once in a life-time events that shouldn’t be missed. Like a graduation, a marriage, a wedding and a new home purchase, a prom is life-shaping in terms of memories, especially early in life. Granted, for some students there tends to be more than one single opportunity to go to prom, but it’s still a singular event for the most part. And for the same reason, prom should be enjoyed the best way possible getting dressed up. It’s also the first time to ever wear a tuxedo if a student hasn’t already had to attend fine attire events earlier in life.

What to Wear for Prom?

The big challenge that might go through a teenager’s head, and maybe the parent too, is what to wear and how much it’s going to cost? Tuxedos are not the least expensive clothing type to wear, definitely more than a business suit off the rack. And a tuxedo has an entirely different look than a suit as well. Fortunately, people don’t have to feel stuck in the trap of having to buy a tuxedo; it’s quite possible to rent an entire ensemble, including a tuxedo shirt rental. The key is in knowing what one wants to rent, getting the measurements and fitting right, and being a bit creative with a style that is meant to be formal.

Go Safe or Go Adventurous

If creativity is not a student’s best talent, the safest route to go is simply to wear a black tie tuxedo with a floral accessory on the lapel that matches the corsage given to the date. It’s easy, predictable and mainstream. Of course, how many high school students want to do the “safe” thing?

Cool tuxedos for prom come in an assortment of choices, ranging from wacky circus colors to Monte Carlo white jacket affairs that James Bond would be jealous of. For a sleek and suave look, the solid color jacket with black trousers is a bit off the beaten path but fairly conservative and looks good in photos, especially if the jacket complements the dress worn by the date.

Garish for the Sake of Attention

If, on the other hand, someone wants to look really awkward, 1970s style tuxedos are the trick. A student will definitely be remembered for wearing one. These are light pastel colors with tuxedo shirts in the same color but a lighter shade. They were distinct by the ruffled front. Think Elvis on a bad night doing a gig in a sidebar in Vegas. Many came in light beige, baby blue and, believe it or not, even brown. This will be distinct, although not what people might think are attractive. Then again, being a teenager is about being different.

Dancing Queen’s Partner

For the teen who wants to have a tuxedo that’s really smart and ready for the dance floor, think in terms of a cocktail suit. These tuxedos have snapping jackets, dark trim lapels that are thin and tapered, and the shirt is a shock white accented by a black tie, usually. You’ll be ready for the dance floor and easily set up to go all night long.

Again, the big focus is to have fun. It’s high school prom; make the most of it!

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