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Cover Up With These Types of Face Masks

by sambit

Masks are an important part of our society’s ability to stay healthy and safe. Nurses, doctors, surgeons and civilians have used masks to protect themselves and others from the dangers of airborne viruses and other germs for years. It’s good to know what kinds of masks are out there for public use so that you can invest in them.

Surgical Masks

The surgical masks that are typically blue with white straps are likely some of the more common masks that come to mind when people think of facial coverings. Surgical masks are made with breathable, light fabrics that protect from large germ particles and saliva. They are comfortable to wear, typically inexpensive and should be disposed of after one use.

Cloth Masks

The fun thing about cloth face coverings is that you have the option to buy or make them! Several companies have come up with creative colors, styles and patterns to suit your every need. If you choose to make your own face mask, you’ll have the freedom to select your favorite fabrics and make them more form-fitting than a store-bought mask. To make a cloth mask, take two layers of cotton fabric material and sew them together in a rectangular or semi-triangular shape to cover both your mouth and nose. These masks are washable and reusable.

N-95 Respirator

N-95 respirator masks are most commonly used in a healthcare setting. These types of masks are engineered to fully cover one’s face and create a seal between their mouth and nose and particles. These kinds of masks are single-use, just like surgical masks. They protect against both airborne and liquid particles that may try to make their way into other masks.

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Wearing a face mask doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or a chore. Finding the right mask for your comfort level is important in getting used to wearing one on a regular basis. If you are sick or looking for protection against germs or other flying particles, investing in a mask may be a good option.

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