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Different Horse Riding Styles To Know About

by sambit
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Horseback riding is filled with nuance, discipline and love. The major styles of horseback riding include English, Western and Group. Within these main categories, there are various types of riding to learn and perfect. Here are some of the main types of riding styles to know about.


No matter what discipline you want to try, one of the most important things you need to do is keep your horse healthy. Having regular veterinarian checkups and farrier horseshoeing Denver CO is crucial for your horse’s wellbeing. Dressage is when a horse performs an orchestrated series of movements in an enclosed arena. The purpose is to show gracefulness, precision, balance and rhythm between the horse and the rider.

Show Jumping

This type of riding involves the horse and rider jumping over various obstacles in an arena. Horses are judged on their athleticism, obedience and fitness. Some jumps involve fences that can be knocked down, which will increase penalty points. Other events include water obstacles to see if the horse has the confidence to continue.


Reining is a form of Western riding event that is similar to dressage. Riders guide horses through spins, circles and stops while maintaining a gallop. Judges look for an excellent relationship between the rider and the horse and want to see how willingly the horse obeys.

Cross Country

The cross country event focuses on the endurance and strength of the rider and horse. It consists of 40 to 50 fence obstacles that mimic the countryside. Judges look for pairs who can complete the course in the correct order, with a brisk pace and with minimal penalties.

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Learning to ride a horse is an exciting hobby and choosing the style of riding you want to pursue takes time and practice. Keep yourself and your horse healthy to enjoy years of riding together.

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