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Fun Gag Gifts To Get for Your Friends

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Are you and your friends silly people who love cracking jokes? Do you prefer to get them something fun for birthdays and holidays, over something more serious and practical? Here are some gag gifts you can get the next time you’re looking for a present for them.

Ice Cream Lock

An ice cream lock could be looked at as a funny but also helpful gift. If you have a friend that’s obsessed with ice cream, they might appreciate being locked out of it! The lock comes in two parts. The first part slides onto the pint ice cream container. The second part is then placed on top and is locked in place. The lock has a unique code and can’t be opened by anyone who doesn’t have it.

Pun Shirts

Shirts make great gifts in Chicago because they are totally customizable for any person and any situation. If you have a friend obsessed with grammar, you could get them a funny shirt about that. If another friend is in love with dogs, you could get them a shirt with a funny saying about dogs. A shirt is also a good gift because they can keep wearing it until the shirt finally gives out. You’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth with a pun shirt.

Personalized Pillows

If you and you’re friends can’t get enough of each other, consider getting them a pillow for your face. Companies online help you through the process of choosing a picture and designing what the pillow shape will be. You could even do a pillow with a picture of you and your friend together if you didn’t want to have just your face on it.

Lawn Sculptures

Whether your friend loves hippos or alligators or despises them, it could be a funny idea to get them a lawn sculpture. The sculptures are cut to look like the animals are wading through the lawn. Most sculptures are made from either concrete or metal, so they can easily hold up to being placed outside.

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