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3 Great Ways To Boost Your Musicianship

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Are you a musician who wants to uplevel your playing or singing? Does it feel as though you’re spinning your wheels and making less progress than you want to? You’re certainly not alone. It’s a regular part of life for musicians to do some soul-searching about their artistry and technique. Here are several ways to improve your musicianship.

1. Record Yourself

It’s humbling to listen back to yourself — but make recordings anyway. You don’t have to play these raw takes for anyone else. A phone memo recorder will do for the basics; in fact, you’ll get a better idea of how you sound without any bells and whistles. Once you’re ready, check out the availability of a professional producer. Not sure where to look? Try a search using terms such as music producer Fort Washington MD to find a seasoned professional.

2. Listen To Others

Listen to other musicians who you admire and want to emulate. If you can, do so with as few distractions as possible. What is it about the sound that sets them apart? Are there unique aspects of their music you can borrow? Also, if some music doesn’t sound good to you, ask yourself why. Get analytical. This will help you be more objective about your own music, and organically take on the best aspects of others’ music.

3. Slow It Down

When you’re working up something, start as slowly as possible so that you don’t practice mistakes. In fact, the slow practice has been getting a lot of attention lately as a great way to turbo-charge your musicianship. Think of martial arts, and how the emphasis on slow practice leads to significant gains in expertise. The same applies to music.

Boosting your musicianship involves breaking out habitual patterns. Try these suggestions to improve your chops and artistry.

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