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Navigating Your Child’s Learning Challenges and ADHD

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Discovering your child has challenges with learning can feel a major blow to parents. Wanting your child to succeed in life can feel like a major undertaking now; however, this new development can be navigated. To best support your child, consider the following strategies to set them up for success.

Enlist Help

The concept that it takes a village to raise children is certainly true when challenges arise. This is the perfect opportunity to enlist assistance from a professional who specializes in learning strategies for children Marietta GA.

Take Time

Children who are diagnosed with ADHD are still just like other children, they may just experience additional challenges. Time is critical for children with ADHD. Whether it is taking a time out to process and decompress or when your child gets overly stimulated, time will be necessary for navigating this new development.

Understanding Parental Dos and Don’ts

Parental behaviors are just as important as you begin to learn more about your child’s new diagnosis. You must understand the dos and don’ts of working with a child with ADHD, as you have a great impact on the success of their strategy development. Understanding how certain behavior can affect your child’s progress will be important as you both navigate ADHD.

Support for You

Despite how well you are processing the diagnosis, you must take time for yourself. It is just important that you find support systems and strategies to deal with your feelings, as any type of diagnosis can be hard on parents. Some parents feel an unwarranted sense of blame and that they did something wrong, but it is important to compartmentalize and deal with those feelings so you can work productively and positively with your child.

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Being diagnosed with ADHD can be difficult to understand and grapple with, but it can often be harder for parents to process than their children. Parents need to know that there are supports and assistance available to get through this. With the right support system and services, you and your child will navigate this process with an increased sense of self and security.

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