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Preparing for Your Next Rodeo


Rodeo season is fast-paced and chaotic at times. Whether you show horses, sheep, or cows, preparing ahead of time is crucial to your success. If you have a farm show coming up, here are some tips to keep you organized.

Best Ways to prepare for Your Next Rodeo

Preparing Your Clothing

Before you even start getting ready to leave, it’s essential to make sure your show clothes are cared for. If they need repairs, it’s better to know about it early than to get dressed on show day and find a hole in your shirt. About a week before the event lay out your clothes and check their integrity. This is the time to polish things like concho belts and show boots, as well as iron show pants and shirts. Setting your clothes out early can eliminate stress on show day.

Arranging Your Gear

Once you have your clothes laid out, it’s time to arrange your animal’s gear. No matter what kind of livestock you’re showing, keeping your tack organized will help you on show day. A few days before you show, make a checklist of everything you’ll need while you’re gone. In addition to the essentials, pack a couple of extra halters or bridles in case one break. Once you check everything off your list, pack it all together in your trailer and leave it alone. By keeping your show gear separate, you can ensure you have everything you need.

Learning Your Routines

Finally, do your best to learn your routines and patterns ahead of time. For sports like barrel racing, the pattern doesn’t change. However, other forms of showmanship may require you to memorize a specific routine. If possible, learning this pattern a couple of days early can help you succeed. If you only find your pattern out day-of, find a quiet place to practice with your animal. Knowing your patterns ahead of time will help you walk into the show ring with confidence!

Overall, preparing for your show will give you the best chance for a blue ribbon. With these tips, you can enter the ring one step ahead of your competitors.

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