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Reasons You May Need Wildlife Control Services

Reasons You May Need Wildlife Control Services

The economic loss attributed to wildlife damage is nearly $3 billion annually, thus the need for wildlife control services. Animals like raccoons, coyotes, beavers, mice, skunks, and squirrels can be a nuisance around your property, exposing your family to zoonotic diseases, bite risks, and poor hygiene. They may also destroy your property if they gain access to critical parts of your construction. Wildlife control entails restraining wild animals and relocating them to other areas. It may also involve killing them as a way of controlling the infestation. A wildlife control professional can provide services like:

  • Application of repellants
  • Use of traps and baits
  • Destruction of wildlife nests, burrows, and dens.

Refrain from doing animal control yourself because some animals may be dangerous. Below are three reasons why people may need wildlife control services.

1. Disease Control

The droppings and carcasses of wild animals may carry dangerous parasites like lice, mites, and fleas and bacteria such as E. coli, Campylobacter, and Salmonella. Parasites such as ticks and fleas can linger in an area for a long time, affecting both humans and other domestic animals. It’s recommended to hire a licensed wildlife professional to evacuate the remnants safely and thoroughly disinfect the affected area to keep it fresh. Tick control in CT is essential, especially for those who reside near wildlife conservancies with their pets and other domestic animals.

2. Intrusion Prevention

If an animal finds its way into your home, it may move in permanently. For instance, if bats invade your home, they can live in places like chimneys, attics, or walls. They can destroy the structure of your house by chewing on wood or wires. Raccoons can also cause severe damage since they rip apart walls and roofs for food. If you discover them, don’t take any drastic action to eliminate them because they may die while trapped in the wall or somewhere you can’t access. You don’t want to deal with a stench that you don’t know where it’s coming from.

If wildlife becomes a nuisance and poses a health risk, experts in wildlife control in CT can help you manage the menace. A trained professional will devise ways to remove nuisance animals in your residence without posing a risk to your comfort. They will check if there are any spaces or openings that a rodent can use to enter and block them appropriately.

3. Removal of Wildlife

Wild animals are dangerous in one way or another, however cute some may look. Many of them may be carrying zoonotic diseases such as rabies, Trichinosis (Trichinella spiralis), leptospirosis, and many others, which cause a risk to both humans and other animals. Pests like rodents can also sneak into the smallest space and damage the entire building. You don’t want rats damaging your house insulation, so removing them promptly can save you a big deal.

Some animals can be removed without the help of a professional. However, there are various things you need to know before attempting to remove the nuisance animals to avoid clashing with the authorities.

Effective Wildlife Control

Wildlife control must be conducted in the most humane way possible and strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of federal, municipal, and provincial governments. According to a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report, the global wildlife population has dropped 69% since 1970; hence, if more are killed, it will have a considerable impact.

It’s worth noting that most animals are protected wildlife; hence, guidelines must be followed when evacuating them from your premises. If an animal looks ill or poses a danger to humans, it’s exempt from these guidelines. However, it’s best to hire a trained professional to handle it for you. They have the required permits to handle protected wild animals.

Note: It’s illegal in most states to release a trapped animal from your property to government land. You need to know your state’s guidelines before you trap and release any wildlife animal.

In Summary

The economic loss attributed to wildlife damage is great, highlighting an apparent reason for humanely addressing the negative impact. Therefore, you need wildlife control services to solve the conflict between wild animals and human beings. Remember that you should refrain from attempting wildlife removal on your own.

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