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Shrink Wrapping: The Packaging Solution Everyone Is Talking About

by sambit
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For lots of businesses, shrink wrapping has become the ultimate go-for packaging solution, given its numerous advantages. However, to have these benefits, it is crucial to first invest in the best shrink film that suits the demands at hand.

When it comes to in-house product packaging, businesses are in a never-ending pursuit to find the perfect solution that will conveniently address all their demands. Despite the market being flooded with lots of packaging materials, there is the pressing necessity to settle for the best solutions. The high consumer expectations have further made this an area that must be given lots of consideration as the modern shopper highly values product appeal. While striving to meet these expectations, businesses also have the unavoidable need to keep their operational costs low to maintain their market competitiveness. Fortunately, with the endless options available in the market, finding the perfect solution for a business product packaging has greatly been simplified. All it takes is keeping an open eye and having a grasp of the latest packaging trends in the niche segment that you serve.

Nevertheless, while different businesses tend to have varied packaging requirements, some solutions have proven to be useful for virtually all industries. One such solution is shrink wrapping that has become the focus of most companies today, given its versatility of use. This packaging option makes use of a polymer plastic film that instantly shrinks when some heat is applied to it. As such, the plastic film gets to completely enclose the item being packaged regardless of its shape or size. Since shrink wraps are meant for use in various industries, there are several options available in the market. Businesses, therefore, have the mandate of settling for the best shrink film taking into account their packaging requirements and distinct characteristics of these plastic films.

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Overly, there are two distinct types of materials used to make shrink films, namely, polyolefin and PVC. These shrink wrap materials have almost similar features, given that they are completely transparent and can be hard to tell apart from a distance. Nevertheless, they have unique characteristics as Polyolefin film, which is made of polyethylene, and polypropylene has a soft feel at the touch and is stretchy. The most considerable difference that dictates their functionality comes when they are heated as PVC emits smell when heated. It is therefore not suitable for food packaging, which is where the use of polyolefin comes handy as it is an FDA-approved material. Businesses in the food industry must take the initiative to stick to using this film that is made of polyethylene and polypropylene to avoid any adverse health effects.

Besides getting to choose the best shrink film carefully, it is also essential to consider the heat seal system to be used. The use of the right machines is critical for success in shrink-wrapping as it determines how fast and efficient one can complete the process. Luckily, there is a wide range of heat sealing machines to choose from, with the primary determinant being the volume of packaging required. The projected output of the business is core in determining the shrink wrapping system to go for, as it dictates the current demands. For low output requirements, it is practical to invest in an impulse sealer or heat gun. These hand-held devices are suitable for businesses that need to pack less than 100 products in a day. For medium volume packaging requirements, the I-bar system and L-bar sealers are appropriate options as they support the sealing of more than 200 products in a day. Finally, for massive volume packaging requirements, the heat tunnel L-Bar sealer combo system and the seal & shrink combination machine are the go-for solutions.

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Benefits to expect from shrink wrapping

  1. It is a cost-effective packaging option. If a business is looking for ways to cut on packaging costs, then shrink wrapping is an option that must be considered. Shrink film rolls can be used to cover lots of items without requiring any extra packaging materials before it is placed on display. The range of products it can be used to cover is equally amazing, and there is no need to look for other packaging solutions.
  2. Shrinkwrapping provides excellent protection to the covered items. Since the plastic film shrinks around the product to create an airproof seal, the products are safe from external contaminants. Consequently, this increases the shelf-life of the products reducing business losses.
  3. Ease in product identification. The goal of product packaging is to have an eye-appealing package whose content clients can quickly identify. Shrinkwrapping solves these issues at a go as the film is transparent, and shoppers will from a distance get to see the packaged item.


Shrinkwrapping is one of the simplest and most efficient product packaging solutions for modern businesses. However, to have its full benefits, it is necessary to invest in the best shrink film and heat sealing equipment for guaranteed satisfaction.

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