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Simple Hobbies To Pick Up During the Quarantine

by sambit

Depending on your status, you might have plenty of spare time during the quarantine. Watching TV or movies can get old and you might have finished every book on the shelf. Soon, you will be tempted to try new activities you can do while staying indoors. Even though this situation creates some limits, there are still many options that require little travel or supplies.


Creative writing is something you can easily do with your computer’s word processor, a typewriter or even just pen and paper. You do not have to be an author Henderson NV to write, as you can do short stories, poems, and even scripts for movies or TV. These are just for fun, so do not worry about them looking professional. If you are not interested in creative writing, you can always write down your thoughts on a daily journal.

Making Origami

Origami, the art of paper folding, is mostly associated with Japan, though it also shares some basis with both China and Europe. As someone starting out in this hobby, square sheets of paper are enough for simple folded shapes. There are plenty of print and online tutorials that teach you how to practice this craft. Complex pieces may require other tools such as paint, scissors and colored paper. Origami is an ideal activity between the easily accessible tools and the time it takes to accomplish.

Rope Jumping

It is difficult to find reliable exercise under quarantine since gyms are likely closed and the only option available is jogging. You might also not want to purchase expensive exercise home equipment. Jumping rope offers a solution to both dilemmas. You only need a simple rope and it offers multiple benefits such as burning calories and improving coordination.

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Developing new skills and entertaining yourself can be difficult while at home. These hobbies and several more can help you accomplish these goals with minimal travel and expenses.

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