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Spiritual Advisors and Psychics: Main Differences

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What is a psychic?

The term “psychic” comes from the Greek word “psychikos,” which pertains to the human mind or psyche. Someone who identifies as a psychic is a person who asserts the ability to use extrasensory perceptions to perceive hidden meanings and messages that are not apparent to ordinary senses.

Since ancient times, humans have engaged in the practice of fortune-telling. The earliest form of this was astrology, where the positions and movements of the moon and planets were used to predict earthly affairs. Over time, some astrologers began claiming the ability to foresee the future without the help of celestial objects. Instead, their readings and predictions were based on direct intuitions or visions of what was to come. These people were given various titles such as seers, prophets, and later on, clairvoyants or psychics.

Psychics were thought to obtain their abilities from deities, and the public widely acknowledged their powers. According to historical data, these psychics held esteemed positions in the royal court alongside kings and emperors. They were consulted before making important decisions for the country. Nonetheless, they faced serious consequences if any of their readings turned out to be inaccurate. Several of them fulfilled leadership roles as advisors and priests.

Each psychic from the nebula site has a unique skill and area of expertise. There are various categories of psychics, including clairvoyants (who can see clearly), clairsentients (who receive messages through feelings or physical sensations), clairaudients (who have clear hearing), aura readers, mediums (who communicate with spirits), psychic surgeons, and telepaths, among others.

What is a spiritual advisor?

In the past, spirituality was usually associated with having a strong connection to religious beliefs and focusing on spiritual matters rather than being concerned with material possessions or worldly affairs. However, spirituality has changed over the years and is now viewed as a means of attaining heightened levels of awareness. When someone is spiritual, it means they are connected to God, nature, and the innermost depths of their being.

A spiritual advisor is someone who helps you find the path to spiritual enlightenment. These experienced people offer direction in personal spiritual exploration. They help develop a practice of spirituality that harmonizes the achievements and manifestations of humanity.

The term ‘spirituality’ was used in the 5th century to mean being moved by the Holy Spirit or actively engaging with God, as described in the Bible. However, its meaning shifted in the 11th century to refer to the mental aspect of life, contrasting with the material aspect. This new meaning was described as “the ecclesiastical sphere of light against the dark world of matter.” In the 13th century, it began to encompass the analysis of emotions and psychology related to spiritual life. By the 18th century, being considered spiritual meant being a more devout Christian compared to others. In the 20th century, spirituality became separated from religion and was defined as a combination of Eastern religions, focusing on self-discovery and reaching one’s true self through free expression and meditation.

Contrast between Spiritual Guides and Psychics

Their features are used to explain the difference.

Characteristics of Spiritual Advisors

  • They do not prioritize material possessions and constantly prioritize the needs and well-being of others before themselves.
  • Spirituality is based on spiritual love, therefore, spiritual advisors are brimming with a deep affection for spirituality.
  • They dedicate themselves to practicing heavily to offer help and spread affection to others.
  • Spiritual advisors who are not motivated by materialistic desires usually refrain from asking for monetary compensation or any form of remuneration for the help they provide.
  • Because they have the ability to predict the future through spiritual means and have a strong devotion to God, these people are always humble and do not pretend to be messengers or redeemers.
  • Their lives revolve around the goal of helping and supporting humanity.
  • Their independence stems from their unwavering belief in God as their sole source of reliance.
  • These are honest people who always keep their promises and never mislead others.

Characteristics of Psychics

  • The readings they provide in the live psychic chat on Nebula depend on the type of reading and the questions asked by the customer.
  • They offer their services in exchange for money.
  • To become skilled in psychic abilities, one must devote a significant amount of time and effort to practice.
  • Psychic powers have the potential to be cultivated, but spirituality is an inherent sense.
  • They have a deep understanding of their physical surroundings and demonstrate a heightened sensitivity to their nature
  • Psychics are ordinary people just like everyone else, while spiritual guides are people who have undergone intense meditation and developed a deep connection with their surroundings.
  • Psychic readings online are only available to people who actively seek them, as spiritual advisors are people who are connected to God and have dedicated their lives to the purpose of helping others.

As mentioned earlier, Spiritual Advisors and Psychics have significant distinctions. They both serve different purposes in various aspects of life. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that despite their dissimilarities, they are still part of the same spiritual realm.

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