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The Fundamentals of a Hybrid Wheelchair Accessible Conversion

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When choosing a wheelchair-accessible conversion, there are a few factors to consider. First, think about whether the vehicle is suitable for wheelchair users. While you can convert almost any vehicle, some vehicles are more suited to this purpose than others. Besides safety, consider the restraints, which help keep the wheelchair secure during travel. A range of system components is available for domestic and commercial vehicles and ensures the correct solution for differing needs.

Courtside Conversions

Hybrid Wheelchair Accessible Courtside has developed a dedicated demonstration minibus for fleet trials in the UK. This 16-seater vehicle features a triple-step design to facilitate access for limited mobility users. Air suspension is provided on the front axle to prevent swaying, and a rear wheelchair lift facilitates transfer. As a result, the conversion of a minibus to wheelchair access is easy, safe, and economical.

You can choose ramps, under-floor, and internal lifts depending on your requirements. You can select a model that suits your needs best, and remember that some models are better suited to specific access options than others. For example, manual ramps are suitable only for a few front-wheel drive vehicles and would be too steep for vehicles with rear-wheel drive. When selecting a ramp, ensure it has a winch or an electric system, and consider how much weight your wheelchair weighs.


When finding a hybrid wheelchair-accessible conversion, the first thing to remember is that you can always go for a more traditional one if you want to. However, if you want a more innovative solution, you can also purchase a cheaper one. Therefore, it’s essential to look at all aspects of the conversion before making the decision. Then, you can find the best price.

Faiveley Vapor Ricon

The Vapor Ricon is a high-performance wheelchair lift with anti-slip platforms, manual back-up, and appropriate restraints and locks. The Vapor Ricon can be installed on new vehicles or retrofitted to existing vehicles. A safety zone, including roll-stops and handrails, ensures passenger safety. The Ricon is also simple to install and operate, so there’s no learning curve.

The Faiveley Vapor Ricon is suitable for all-terrain wheelchairs and Volkswagen T6 Transporters. It is a hybrid wheelchair-accessible conversion solution and is compatible with most doors. The mobility lift is quiet and smooth and can be adjusted to fit most doors. In addition, its large platform and mechanical latch are critical features of its commercial and domestic product line.


The fundamentals of a hybrid wheelchair-accessible conversion are the same as for a Native Wheelchair Accessible conversion. Both companies offer a similar level of service and a variety of vehicle modifications. The Toyota Sienna Hybrid, for example, provides 36 MPG combined. The Toyota Sienna Hybrid is powered by a 2.5-Liter 4-Cylinder engine, which stores electric power while driving. Unlike many companies that alter the vehicle’s drivetrain, Freedom Motors’ wheelchair conversion drives almost identically to the original model. The rear-entry conversion adds about 15 pounds to the vehicle and has minimal impact on fuel efficiency.

A rear-entry vehicle is less expensive than a side-entry vehicle and is easier for a wheelchair user to get into and out of. These vehicles also use less material overall and can be easily converted by one person. Most wheelchair van conversion companies offer both types. Native Wheelchair Accessible conversion prices vary depending on the vehicle specifications and the needs of the wheelchair user. The cost of a rear-entry vehicle is typically less than that of a side-entry vehicle. However, many families with wheelchair users prefer the rear-entry vehicle design.


The Courtside conversion of a hybrid minibus can accommodate wheelchair ramps, under-floor lifts, and other access devices. Certain models are best suited to specific access options. For example, manual ramps are suitable for only a few front-wheel-drive vehicles, while rear-wheel-drive vehicles would require a steeper ramp. Wheelchair ramps have varying system components, including electric winches and a lift.

In addition to Iveco Daily conversions, Courtside also takes on minibuses, Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall, Renault, and Volkswagen vans. Their equipment is highly advanced and reliable, and they use under-floor PLS lifts. Courtside also installs safety belts for drivers and passengers. The Courtside conversion of a hybrid minibus is a cost-effective, time-effective option for wheelchair users.

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