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The History of Class Rings

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A class ring has several meanings, and the history of class rings is no different. This article will examine class rings’ tradition, materials, purpose, and customization. After reading this article, you’ll be ready to pick up a class ring and start wearing it! You’ll surprise people who don’t know you have class rings!


The tradition of wearing class rings dates back to 1835 when the United States Military Academy at West Point introduced the practice. The ring was meant to represent the unity of class and symbolize the entire group’s dedication to its school. Students selected designs that were symbolic to them and thus became symbols of class unity. The tradition quickly spread to high schools and colleges across the U.S., and the practice has become an institution in and of itself.

Students turn their class ring a certain number of times during the ceremony. The number of turns varies from school to school, but the number of times it is turned signifies a special meaning. For example, some students turn their rings for their best friend, while others turn them in 14 times. The number of turns may be significant to their school’s history, or it could correspond to their class year. Seniors and graduating classes may ask family members or friends to turn in their rings on the last day of their school.


Class rings are often made from stainless steel or tungsten. They may also contain commercially-limited alloys specific to the manufacturer. In some cases, a ring shank may need to be sized to fit a different finger. While jewellers cannot size stadiums, companies like Jostens can perform this task. In addition to silver and gold, some class rings may be made from White Ultrium, a non-precious metal that shines like white gold or silver. This metal is resistant to scratches and abrasion and was previously more affordable than precious metals. Some class rings may also contain coloured glass gemstones. However, even though these rings are made from silver and gold, they still hold their value based on the type of material they contain.


The history of class rings isn’t just a modern American invention. It has roots as far back as ancient Egypt, where specific sects wore rings that symbolized their class. The Romans also adopted the tradition and Cleopatra gifted Mark Antony with a class ring. She later had the exact rings made for the Pretorian Guard. Graduation rings became widespread throughout the military, and class rings were no exception.

One of the most popular traditions is the turning of the class ring, during which a ring bears the name of the school, class, and year of reference. Students often begin this tradition at the class ring ceremony or ring dance or on the first day they wear the ring. Graduating classes sometimes have several turns, which might correspond to the class year. For example, families may be asked to be the first and last people to turn the ring, while graduating seniors may ask friends and family members to turn the ring.


If you’re graduating in 2022, why not customize your class rings? There are plenty of options, from basic designs to personalized engravings. The following are some popular options. These include Custom engravings, picture inscriptions, high school logos, custom emblems, and custom designs.

– The customization options for class rings have grown exponentially over the years. While previous generations didn’t have as many options for customization, today, you can choose the metal, stone colour, and engravings that reflect your personality. In addition, many companies specialize in personalized class rings. As a result, you can choose a timeless piece that exemplifies your school’s spirit while incorporating personalization. So whether you’d like your ring to represent your class’s year of graduation or your initials, customizing your class ring is a great way to show your school’s spirit.

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