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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Challenge Coin Costs

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Challenge Coin Costs

A challenge coin can be a powerful tool for your organization. It can be used to welcome new members, award achievements, or honor exemplary service.

The cost of a custom challenge coin depends on several factors. This article will cover what influences the price per coin and how to reduce it.


The size of a challenge coin is a major decision for any custom coin project. It affects the cost and how it will look when finished. Choosing the right size is an important part of getting a custom challenge coin made for your organization or group.

The most common challenge coins are between 1.5″ and 1.75″. This is because this is the ideal size for holding and carrying around. The larger the coin, the more detail can be included, adding to the overall price.

A challenge is a special metal coin given to military personnel, police officers, fire departments, and other groups for recognition or as a keepsake. These coins can have many designs and messages, including a motto, logo, or other sayings.

Although challenge coins have a history with the military, they’re now used by many other groups. Fraternal organizations, sports teams, and other clubs are examples of groups that use challenge coins to honor their members.

They’re also popular for businesses and nonprofits looking to promote their brand or raise funds. The possibilities are endless when creating a unique challenge coin for your group or organization. Designing a challenge coin that will help your cause is easy with the right tips and inspiration.


The material used to make the challenge coin is one of the primary factors in determining its cost. Different materials may have different costs, depending on their availability and properties. For example, metals like bronze and brass are cheaper than silver and gold. Another factor is the type of plating used. Many options are available, from antique gold and silver to black nickel, which can affect the price of the challenge coin.

The next factor is whether the coin will be single- or double-sided. This will also impact the overall custom challenge coins cost, as a double-sided coin will require more work for the engravers. Finally, the edge of the coin is another important consideration. Many different designs are available for this, including spirals and plain edges.

Challenge coins are unique keepsakes that symbolize a particular event or organization. They have a long history among military and law enforcement personnel, but they have also begun to be used by business owners to promote their brands. Regardless of their purpose, they symbolize pride and build strong, close-knit relationships among those who receive them. Understanding what influences the cost of a challenge coin can help you get the best value for your money.


Engraving is a technique of incising a plate with a sharp tool to create an image. It is sometimes called line engraving because it reproduces only linear marks, but tones and shading can be suggested by varying the width of the lines. The earliest evidence of engraving, in the form of shallow grooves on metal, has been found in jewelry dating from the beginning of the first millennium B.C.E. The earliest engravings were made on gold and silver objects.

Engravers began using engravings on copper plates to make prints in the European Middle Ages. In engraving, a design is cut into a metal plate with a burin cutting tool. The plate is then cleaned to remove the surface dirt and scratches, leaving only the engraved lines, which will hold ink. The engraved lines have points at each end, as the burin is pushed down into the plate at the start of the line and pulled up at the end. This is a distinctive feature that helps to distinguish engravings from other types of intaglio printing.

The inked plate is laid on a printing press, and dampened paper is placed over it. Rollers then force the paper into contact with the engraved plate, producing an image on the paper. Engraving is one of the most common forms of intaglio printmaking. People engrave items on everything from nameplates, baking items, and home decor to cups, mugs, and plates for weddings, monograms, and more.


Challenge coins are a great way to recognize different units, organizations, or occasions. They usually feature a logo designed on them or a symbol to signify the organization they represent. They are made of different metals and often come in different shapes. The most popular are round and a little larger than a quarter. These coins can be engraved on both sides to customize them further. Various factors affect their price, and they typically cost $3.00 to $5.00 per coin for a full production run of 100, speaking generally.

One of the most important aspects that impact the pricing of a custom challenge coin is its coloration. This depends on the symbol and logo as well as industry standards, level of complexity, and personal preference. Coloration also affects the unit price of the coin because it requires more materials to make.

The mold fee is the other factor that influences the cost of a custom challenge coin. This is the biggest single component in a coin’s cost because it stamps the coin, placing the design. Although it is a fixed cost, it still costs the most when producing custom challenge coins.

A final aspect that impacts the price of a custom challenge coin is the plating. The most common option is gold, but many others include silver, brass, copper, and rose gold. These choices can increase the price of a challenge coin, so it is important to consider these options when making an order.

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