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Three Approaches to Abstract Painting

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Many people associate the value of an art piece with the discernable meaning or representation of something “real,” which has led to some suspicion surrounding the legitimacy of abstract art. Contrarily, the distortion of objective referents allows an incredible space for expression, inspiration, and interpretation unique to every artist and viewer. Here are some popular approaches to the often-misunderstood craft.

1. Various Levels of Abstraction

People sometimes criticize what they do not understand. While the foundation of abstract art is characterized by separation from objective reality, it also acts as an extension for mild degrees of representational work. In other words, an abstract work can still appear familiar or salient while maintaining a non-objective form. A piece that appears as a beach landscape to one person may be a skyline to another. Since this method of abstract art integrates some degree of representation, it is fittingly considered one of the most widely accepted forms of abstraction.

2. Geometric Influence and Integration

You may be familiar with cubism, the process of integrating geometric elements into a composition. One notable architect of this adaptation is Pablo Picasso. Geometric abstraction is one of the most popular variations of this art form—the progenitor of numerous works of art that people travel around the world to admire. Whether you want to admire the art or you’re an aspiring abstract artist new york city is one of the greatest destinations to get inspired.

3. Various Methods of Application

One of the most liberating and attractive aspects of this art is the absence of rules. You can vary the pressure of the stroke, dab, fling, pour, or literally throw paint onto the canvas to diversify the marks of each color or medium. The result is very expressive and unique to the creator while simultaneously serving as a source from which others can interpret and pull inspiration.

Abstract art is a wonderful catalyst of expression for beginner and professional artists alike. Inspiration can be pulled from anywhere and adapted nonrepresentationally through color, density, shape, and patterns.

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