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Rock Out in London: 6 Tips for Seeing a Concert at the O2 Apollo

For all of its stiff upper lips and tea ceremonies, England is home to many famous and internationally beloved rock bands. Its cities have been buzzing with the electric energy of live music since The Beatles played their first chord.

And where better to experience this vibrant scene than the O2 Apollo — a veritable institution in the music world, known for hosting world-class talent in an atmosphere that pulses with excitement?

In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to ensure your concert night at the O2 Apollo goes off without a hitch.

Getting Ready To Rock: Pre-Concert Tips

Attending a concert isn’t just about showing up and having a good time (although that is the ultimate goal). Some clever pre-planning can make the difference between a memorable night and a frustrating one.

1. Purchase Your Tickets in Advance

Make sure you secure your tickets in advance. Some concerts can sell out in the blink of an eye, and you wouldn’t want to miss your favorite band because you thought, “I’ll get it later.”

2. Plan Your Outfit

Once the tickets are sorted, you should consider what you want to wear. Keep it stylish but comfortable. You’ll be on your feet a lot, and it can get warm in the crowd. As for what to bring, we suggest keeping it minimal. Most venues have restrictions on what you can bring inside, and you’ll want to feel footloose and fancy-free enough to dance!

If you’re spending the night in Manchester and can’t check in until after the concert, or if you’re just stopping in for the concert before continuing to another destination, stow away any extra luggage that can’t accompany you to the concert at Manchester Piccadilly luggage storage.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and secure, and your hands will be free to snap photos, wave around a lighter, or clutch that well-deserved pint.

Traveling to the O2 Apollo: Navigating Like a Local

Getting to the O2 Apollo is all part of the experience. The venue is located in Manchester, so if you’re heading to a concert in this lively city but are starting from London, you’re in luck! It’s easy to get there.

3. Figure Out Your Routine in Advance

Make sure to plan your route beforehand. Check the transport times, and remember, the early bird catches the worm — or in this case, avoids the worst of the crowd rush. Traveling at off-peak times will save you hassle and money, so look for a train that leaves at an off hour. Worst case, you have an excuse to explore the city a bit before or after your concert.

It’s always better to arrive a little early and soak up the atmosphere than dash in at the last minute, breathless and flustered.

Make the Most Out of the Concert: Tips for the Show

The music starts, the crowd erupts, and you’re in the heart of it all. Remember, concerts are about losing yourself in the music and sharing an experience with a crowd of people who love the same tunes as you do.

4. Respect Your Fellow Music Lovers

One golden rule to remember is to respect other people’s space. Everyone is there to enjoy the performance, and keeping a considerate distance can make the experience pleasant for all. Feel the rhythm? Go ahead, dance! Just remember that it’s not a solo performance.

5. Don’t Overdo It With Phones and Cameras

As for capturing memories, be mindful. Of course, you’d want a few snaps of the epic night, but try not to block the view of fellow concert-goers with your phone aloft. The best concert memories live in our hearts, not on our Instagram feeds.

After the Concert: Ending Your Night Right

The applause fades, the crowd starts to thin, and that post-concert adrenaline is still pumping through your veins. What now? Well, if you catch an early train back, London has plenty to offer once the show’s over. From late-night eateries to iconic landmarks that shimmer under the stars, the city’s your playground.

6. Make a Reservation If You Plan To Eat or Drink After

Whether you’re heading back to London or sticking around to soak in the Manchester scene, if you plan on going out after the concert, make sure to book a table whether you’re hitting a pub or a restaurant.

Things are guaranteed to be busy after a concert, and you’ll feel so relieved as you walk past throngs of concert-goers being turned away and straight to your smartly reserved table with your friends.

Rock On, Music Lovers

Your journey through an unforgettable night of music at the O2 Apollo ends here, but hey, the memories will stay with you long after the last chord fades into silence. You’ve navigated through ticket buying, traveled like a local, and rocked out with the best of them.

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