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6 Ways To Unwind After a Stressful Day

Stressful Day

Everyone experiences a stressful day now and then. The events of a troubling or busy day can leave you feeling anxious and uptight. You may notice scattered thoughts running through your mind that raise your anxiety level even higher. Here are six ways you can unwind and get back to normal after experiencing a day of stress.

Drink a Cup of Tea

Perhaps stress relief is the reason British people love their traditional late afternoon cup of tea. Try it for yourself by slowly sipping a steaming cup of your favorite flavor.

Read a Great Book

Get caught up in the storyline of a romance or suspense novel and take a mental escape to another world. The settings and actions of the characters entice your mind to focus on what you are reading instead of the events of your day.

Do Yoga

Whether you choose an active or calming yoga flow, this activity will stretch out your tense muscles and put your focus on your breath. Make sure to finish with at least five minutes in the relaxing Savasana pose.

Go for a Walk

Head outdoors for a walk and observe the sights and sounds around you. It’s okay to walk briskly at first but slow down to a relaxing rhythm towards the end of your outing.

Listen to Music

Music truly does soothe the soul and helps you unwind. Listen to whatever type of music relaxes you. Pop on a pair of headphones to immerse yourself in the sounds you love.

Call a Friend

Sometimes it helps to talk it out with a caring friend. Give your bestie a call and share the highlights of your day. Your listening friend will help you mentally process the events and provide you with encouraging words and support.

The next time you encounter a day of stress, give one of these suggestions a try to help you unwind and get back to your normal self again.

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