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What Are the Different Types of Pipe Coating?

What Are the Different Types of Pipe Coating?

All types of pipes, no matter the material, deteriorate over time. This is why they enter a regular industry pipe inspection process every five years. With that said, you could double the lifespan of your pipes with the right coating.

There are different types of pipe coating, designed to withstand different types of environments. It is crucial that you choose the right coating for your pipes.

Read on to learn more about the various types of pipe coating and their properties.

Fusion-Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coating

Fusion-bonded epoxy coating is the most common pipe coating. It is done by applying epoxy powder with an electrostatic charge to the surface of a hot pipe. When the epoxy powder melts, it makes a protective layer that keeps corrosion from happening.

Additionally, for pipeline rehabilitation purposes, epoxy pipe relining is a special way to fix up old pipelines without having to dig up a lot of ground or replace them. This is used for pipeline repair. In this method, an epoxy resin liner is put inside the current pipe. This makes the inside of the pipe smooth and strong.

Three-Layer Polyethylene (3LPE) Coating

A three-layer polyethylene coating has an epoxy layer that is bound together with heat, an adhesive layer, and an outer layer of high-density polyethylene. This coating method is very good at keeping corrosion, mechanical damage, and water out.

Three-Layer Polypropylene (3LPP) Coating

Three-layer polypropylene coating is like 3LPE coating, except that the top layer is made of polypropylene instead of polyethylene. This offers pipe insulation and can handle higher temperatures better. It is also very strong against physical damage.

Coal Tar Enamel (CTE) Coating

Coal tar enamel coating is a traditional method in which hot coal tar enamel is put on the surface of the pipe. This pipeline coating is very resistant to corrosion, water, and stresses from the soil.

Concrete Weight Coating (CWC)

Concrete weight coating is mostly used for offshore pipelines. It’s done by putting a concrete covering on the pipe’s surface to make it heavier, protect it from damage and keep it from floating away.

Internal Coatings

Depending on what is needed, different types of coats are used on the inside of pipes. For example, epoxy, polyurethane, or cementitious linings can be used to stop corrosion, improve flow, or make the covering resistant to chemicals.

Abrasion-Resistant Overlays

Abrasion-resistant overlays are put on pipes that are exposed to rough conditions like slurry or high-speed fluid flow. These coatings, which are often made of tungsten carbide or ceramics, protect against weathering and wear by making a hard barrier.

Metallic Coatings

Metal coats, like zinc, aluminum, or coatings made from alloys, are put on pipes to protect them from corrosion. There are different ways to put these coats on, like hot-dip galvanizing or thermal spray.

Choose the Best Pipe Coating For Your Home

Pipe coatings are an important part of many operations because they protect pipes from external factors in a very effective way. With the right pipe coating, piping systems can be protected from corrosion, cracks, weathering, and other things that can cause them to break down. Consult with a pipe coating expert to make sure your company gets the best results.

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