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5 Reasons Why Moving Is A Tedious Task (And How Can You Overcome It )

by sambit
Moving Is A Tedious Task

Moving causes a lot of stress and anxiety. From packing items in your old house to settling down in the new house, the entire process takes a lot of time and energy. In fact, the process is so tedious that by the time you reach your new house, the excitement to be in the new house disappears. And all you can think about is rest and quick settlement. However, whether you are relocating to the same street or a different city. You have to plan in advance and pack months ahead of the final move. So, here are five reasons that will help you identify why moving is a tedious task and how you can manage your move.

Packing an entire house is not easy

Let us begin by stating the obvious. It is no hidden fact that you have to move and pack the entire house. Do you think you can do the same in one or two days? Absolutely not! If you live in a big house, it will take you at least three weeks to pack the entire house safely. But if you hire professional movers the process might wrap up in a day or two. So, make sure you choose wisely and do what best suits your requirements.

Moving causes stress and exhaustion

According to the Employee Relocation Council, moving is considered the third most stressful task. Most people tend to take a move lightly because this event is carried out once in a blue moon. But whenever people move they go through a lot of stress and physical pain. Stress is caused due to many reasons. The most obvious reason is you are not a professional mover and you don’t possess the same skill set as the movers do. Other reasons range from planning everything, handling the kids and pets while packing different rooms, and time management. So, all these factors put together cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

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Not only this but hauling heavy furniture out of the same moving truck twice can cause you physical pain. One of the best ways to get rid of all the stress and physical pain is by hiring local moving companies in Brooklyn or the movers of the state you reside in. Although if you are brave enough to pack and move everything all by yourself, ensure that you keep the moving guidelines in mind.

You need the right tools to load and unload items

Imagine carrying a heavy bed down the flight of stairs only to realize that you could have disassembled the parts first. But this is just one aspect of moving. There are tons of them and you don’t need to know everything about moving. Let us take another example, did you know that oil paintings have to be covered in non-acidic plastic. I am sure only an expert or aspired artist will be able to answer this question. This is to say that each and every packing item requires a different set of packing tools or materials.

In addition to this, there are different sets of packing tools. Like you will need a dolly to move heavy furniture, straps to hold the furniture upright, and a shrink wrap to protect the fragile items. Therefore it is easier to say that both packing and moving requires skills and you definitely need the aforementioned tools to load and unload your belongings.

You may own valuables that are not safe to move

First and foremost, you need to understand that some items in your house are expensive and you have to take personal care of them. In fact, even if you plan on hiring a professional moving company, chances are that the company might not move your valuables. Some companies do not move valuables because it is against their company’s policy. Also, breaking valuables will damage the reputation of the company. Eventually, packing and moving the valuables will first require you to get them insured and then you have to pack them carefully. Not only this but it also possible that you will stay stressed during the move because the fear of breaking an expensive item will constantly hover your mind.

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To ensure that your valuables are safe, you can pack them by taking help from the professionals and then check what your insurance covers. This way you will stay rest assured and even if you break any item, the cost will be covered by the insurance.

You might end up spending a lot of money

During a move, there are several hidden costs that we forget to take note of. As a result, we don’t hire movers thinking that hiring a professional company will burn a hole in the pocket. However, it is quite the opposite. The cost that you will incur on your move will turn out to be the same as the cost you pay any professional mover. Here’s how. First and foremost, the chances of damaging items increases. This means that by the end of the move you will find a lot of broken things inside the box.

Second, the cost of gas and hiring a truck to load things cannot be ignored and third, you will have to buy a lot of packing tools and material. Especially packing material like dolly, straps and wrapping material will cost you good. In the end, the total will come close to the quote usually offered by professional moving companies. Also, there is no guarantee that your belongings will stay safe.

On the contrary, if you hire a moving company your belongings will be insured and the damages (if any) will be covered under the company’s insurance policy. The cheap movers Brooklyn will also pack your belongings with efficiency. They will load and unload with precision and take payment only after the move is over. So, choose wisely and more vitally plan months ahead of the move.

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