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Benefits to Outpatient Treatment Programs

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outpatient treatment programs

Outpatient rehab programs are for individuals that require treatment for an alcohol or drug problem. This program is a day program and the person goes home every night at the end of the program day. Outpatient rehab programs occur in various places and for different durations. The different programs have different requirements for attendance in their programs. These programs can happen at hospitals, clinics, mental health clinics, even in a counselor’s office. If an individual needs intense outpatient therapy, they can expect it to be every day of the week, up to five days. It may be 20 hours over three days. The most typical setup is one to two sessions per week for as many as three months.

When a person participates in outpatient programs, they receive therapy and counseling sessions. Some of these sessions are one on one while others may be group sessions. These sessions focus on recognizing and understanding triggers that create a desire in the person to use drugs or alcohol. Once the person can understand their triggers, they can learn coping mechanisms to deal with whatever is happening instead of turning to drugs and alcohol.

Group therapy is an effective way to work through triggers because it allows people to see others working through recovery. It helps them connect with others going through the same things. They no longer feel alone and isolated. The group in therapy can form a circle of support and positivity for each other. They can encourage each other to focus on more meaningful behaviors and activities.

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There are many reasons why someone might choose outpatient rehab. It allows them to continue to work while undergoing treatment. It costs less money and allows the individual to continue to participate in their lives, especially if they have families. There are some outpatient programs that take place at night or during off times. This allows the participants to continue to work while going through treatment. Someone that misses work due to participating in rehab is usually protected under the Family and Media Leave Act (FMLA). This means your employer cannot fire you for seeking treatment. While it may provide protection from being fired, it does not guarantee payment. This often causes problems if the person suffering from addiction makes the money for the household.

Outpatient rehab is more affordable, but can still be expensive. There are varying factors that impact the cost of outpatient therapy. These factors are location, treatment plans, medications, amenities of the facility, and the type of facility it is. An individual may need medication during their rehab program. These costs may be included in the total amount of the facility. A three-month outpatient program usually runs about $5,000. It is possible that an insurance company may cover a large portion of the costs. It is important to consult the insurance company to determine exactly what they will cover. If you or a loved one is in need of outpatient rehab, do not hesitate. Check out infiniterecovery.com to get more information about available services.

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